Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Pleasure sells a wide variety of sex toys for your needs. I am not really a sex toy person, but I love games to play with my partner, so for my review I was able to pick out something & I chose the Sex Casino. It's very exciting to get to play games with your partner to sex up your sex life....
It's always fun playing sexual games, so here are a few pictures of my review.

Here is the product I got to review. I love the bold & 3-D look on this product it's very appealing & makes you want to buy the product.  

Includes: Playing cards, sexual favor betting chips, naughty dice, 6 scratch & win lotto cards, sexy spinner, and game manual with 25 different games.

 The game came with these exciting chips they look like poker chips but there sex chips, lol. They have different names on them such as; blow job, oral, licks & nibbles, massage, etc. I loved these sexual favor betting chips. These are the most exciting while playing with your partner especially if you both had drinks in you.

 2 out of 6 dice that came with the game with different names on them these ones I liked so I showed you these ones. Who doesn't like to be kissed or nibbled on the neck? Their crazy! haha! It's the most turned on spot for a girl.

 Here is the sexy spinner, this was a great thing. My partner loved the sexy spinner I think more than I did. He is crazy!

6 scratch & win lotto cards, these were neat!

Playing cards, if you know anyone that loves sex toys or fun sex games you should definitely check out & look at some of their awesome stuff on their website, you won't be disappointed.

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