Friday, April 18, 2014

Jus by Julie Review & Giveaway

Disclosure: I received these product/products mentioned on my blog free of charge for the purpose of this review my opinions are my own and may differ from yours!

Jus By Julie
As a certified nutritionist, what I've drawn from studying many theories on diets and health is that our bodies need a great amount of greens to function at peak capacity. Greens are not normally our first choice of food, thus making it hard to get the daily requirement of nutrients and fiber . . . to read more about JUS by Julie click here

I had contacted Jus by Julie to do a possible review because their drinks looked so interesting and I just had to try them. Well lucky me I received 6 flavors that I picked out to review. I don't regret writing this company because I literally fell in love with their drinks so much, so the flavors I picked out are the following:

These are the bottles that they come in. A good amount size for only $8 which is incredibly good. I only had 3 favorites out of the 6 I got. I simply loved the Nana Berries I am a big fan of Strawberry-Banana and this is what it exactly tasted like, but way better. 

The Choco-Nana was extremely delicious I loved every single gulp of this drink and I wish I had like 100 more my husband loved it too and my son.

 He was a happy boy that day drinking some of the Choco-Nana.

If you love chocolate covered bananas and strawberries you won't have a problem drinking this but beware it is highly addictive to drink.

The Not So Chunky one was absolutely delicious as well my mom makes shakes with peanut butter, banana & chocolate syrup and it tasted just like this drink, but obviously way better. I am so in love with these drinks it's not even funny. My husband loved the Chia Berries & everyone else tried the Island Coconut and they loved it every single bit. My mother in law already wants to purchase some because I was telling her how delicious they were!

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  1. got your invitation last night :) Thanks!

    1. yeah, I got an email from you from this company to join their newsletter or something

  2. Well, I don't see that you are drinking any greens in the flavors you received, but fruit tastes better! I eat lots of whole fruits, but I really like to have a "green drink" when I haven't had a lot of veggies in a particular day. I see that they carry the green drinks, too. I don't see ingredients lists, so is it just what is on the label in the picture? No additives? That is good.

  3. Yeah I am not much of a "green" flavor I like the fruit ones much better. I think the greens make me gag I mean I guess it depends what is in it to be honest. LOL but yes they have about 4 Green Drinks on their website that I think you'd enjoy if that is what you are into.

  4. ARH47 - I don't generally love green drinks, but I have had both the "Sweet Spin" and the "Morning Glory" by Julie and they are delicious. I think it's because even though they do have a lot of greens, they also have fruit for sweetness.

  5. Choco-Nana would be first... love chocolate and banana.. so.. :)

    1. Oh my yes, choco-nana was amazingly good! I also loved the Nana-Berries & Not so Chunky lol


    All the flavors sound yummy but I'd really like to try Island Coconut because it sounds good and healthy and I love all things coconut.


  7. I would love to try Island coconut because I am coconut lover :-)
    Thank You for the review and giveaway!

    Fiona N