Sunday, May 18, 2014

Madison Street Beauty Review

Disclosure: I received these product/products mentioned on my blog free of charge for the purpose of this review my opinions are my own and may differ from yours!

Madison Street Beauty was founded to provide environmentally friendly products with all natural and vegan cosmetics. Founded in 2011 from humble beginnings, we have quickly become an indie beauty favorite online. Our goal is to make finding natural products as easy and as affordable as possible while providing . . . to read more about Madison Street Beauty click here

While their main site is down I am going to be using information from their Etsy shop so just bare with me. I actually wrote Madison Street Beauty because well every girl loves make up and nail polish I know I do. I asked for 4 nail polish colors that caught my eye instantly!

 Pink Nebula Nail Lacquer
Cosmic Girl Nail Lacquer

First I painted my sister Abby's nails in Coral Sherbet I absolutely love the color. I just got into coral colors this summer I guess it's the new color for 2014.

For my sister Danielle I used the Cosmic Girl which I can't seem to find on their etsy shop but that is okay. This color is a beautiful color that I love as well. It's a purple shimmery color and very very pretty. I have to say I painted my nails the same color as well after seeing how beautiful it was on my sister.

It even went well with my purple shirt! It looked fantastic! Also these nail polishes dry very quickly which other nail polishes I own take forever may I add. I love Madison Street Beauty Nail Lacquer BEST!

Now on to the make up eye shadow. I honestly did take a picture of the eye shadows I received but I guess I must of deleted it or something must of happened, but I got the following from Madison Street Beauty:

This is the Caribbean Bay Eye Shadow above pictured I couldn't find it on the etsy shop so thank goodness I snapped a picture of the color because it is a beautiful color. My sister Abby is the demonstration for this eyeshadow above, hope you like.

I love the color eyeshadow on her she looks so pretty.

Her eyeshadow & nails (:

Bare Coral is what I used on my other sister Danielle here are some pictures below. We really liked this color a lot.

Danielle picked the color and I think it suits her really well with her hair & skin complexion I am not the greatest at putting eye shadow on but I think I am okay not like perfectionist but I did a good job (:

I also used the Bare Coral I just am in love with brown shimmery colors, but I did manage to use the Fairy Dust eyeshadow for 80s Night in Atlantic City Friday Night which was a lot of fun by the way.

If you want to look through Madison Street Beauty click here to get to their Etsy Shop!

I loved their make up so much and I am so happy I got to review such great products from them.

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  1. The purple nail polish is really pretty. Makes me wish my nails were a bit longer. I also like the shimmery Bare Coral eye shadow too. Thanks for the introduction :)