Sunday, June 8, 2014

T.L.C. VoxBox Review

"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

 I was extremely excited to have gotten my T.L.C VoxBox in the mail. When I received it I opened it up to see the goodies I got (: The awesome goodies I got were the following:

 It's funny because I was over a friends house last week sometime and we saw a commercial for the Breyers Gelato and my friend goes "I want to try that so bad" now I have a free coupon to purchase one and I cannot wait to try it. I love ice cream it's one of my weaknesses. I didn't get to go to the store but will tomorrow I've been super busy with things lately I haven't had a chance to go out, but I looked online at the flavors that they have and I think I will purchase the Vanilla Caramel!
The Fuel Rewards Network at Shell
The Fuel Rewards Network program at Shell is a free loyalty program that helps you save money on fuel. Earn Fuel Rewards® savings on things you already do like shopping online, dining out, buying groceries and watch your price drop at the pump!

I never really sign up for rewards I am not sure why but Shell in my opinion is expensive gas and I always purchase my gas at Super WaWa down here in NJ so I passed on this opportunity but may give it to someone who would like to try it.

Puffs® To Go 
 Puffs To Go are perfect for use in the car, in your purse, on-the-go, wherever you go! Plus, Puffs are Dermatologist tested to be gentle.

Puffs on the go are a great perfect throw and go especially if you have kids with runny noses and I know my son who is sick sometimes he always needs a tissue so I actually keep these in the car for use when I really need it. They are really soft as well. I love Puffs!

Neosporin Neo To Go! 
 Neosporin Neo To Go! is a convenient no touch, no sting spray that fits anywhere to give you infection protection, plus pain relief, on the go. It is specially designed for one-handed use and is great for your purse, kitchen, desk, workshop, golf, gym or travel bag.

 LOVE Neosporin on the go these are good to have very reliable at times when you are in need. Great if you have kids as well. It doesn't sting so don't worry about your child having a fit and screaming. It's simply for infection protection plus gets rid of the pain relief. I keep this in my purse at all times when I go out, ya never know what may happen.

 I love everything from my VoxBox and super happy what I was given (:

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