Tuesday, July 29, 2014

DriNights.com Review & Giveaway

Disclosure: I received these product/products mentioned on my blog free of charge for the purpose of this review my opinions are my own and may differ from yours!

William Gilligan was the owner of Gilligan On-Line, a company focusing on website design and development. Mike Ferneman was the owner of Cardinal Advertising, a company focused on online advertising . . . to read more about DriNights.com click here

I was really excited when I heard about DriNights.com and I wanted to do a review on their Feel Cooler Mattress Pad I always wanted to try out one of those but just didn't have the funds, but DriNights let me choose something from their site and I actually chose the Cooling Mattress & Kate 2 piece shorty to review on my blog. I have to say a felt really comfortable in the pajama set that I got it was nice & cozy & just felt like heaven.
This is what my Cooling Mattress Pad looked like in White which is a bad idea because white gets dirty all the time, but I've been managing it well and it's still clean as a whistle. I was wondering if I do put this in the dryer if it will shrink because I got a Queen size fit which was a little snug but it needed to be stretched out but I still think I will actually hang it up to dry just to be safe. I love it so much it really does keep me cool at night because usually when I have my other sheets on my bed I'm always tossing and turning, but when I have my own Cooling Mattress on my bed I feel wonderful and cooled off I don't know what it is but it's a miracle and I love it.

My husband Ed trying out our new Cooling Mattress now I just read on their site for the product I received an it says this which I thought was interesting. 
" The mattress pad that responds to changes in your skin temperature to help you stay cool. When you sleep too warm it absorbs some of your excess heat and then releases it if you sleep too cool."

I thought that was pretty neat anyways back to the Cooling Mattress I have to say I actually sleep better at night whoever can't really sleep at night and your tossing and turning I suggest you get this Cooling Mattress it works wonders no lie!

Me wearing my Kate 2 piece Shorty top and bottom in Pink. I just wanted to get the top part of myself. I wear this set every night because I just feel cool in it when I when I am sleeping on my Cooling Mattress. I just can't stop bragging about this Cooling Mattress on Facebook it's so amazing.

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  1. I would also love the Feel Cooler DUO Pillow!

  2. I also like the Feel Cooler Body Pillow. Sounds great for menopause hot flashes.

  3. I would love the feel cooler body pillow or the feel cooler comforter