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Lunch Balancer Review

Disclosure: I received these product/products mentioned on my blog free of charge for the purpose of this review my opinions are my own and may differ from yours!

Lunch Balancer
As co-founder of Dr. Gabe’s Foods, I’m excited to introduce Lunch Balancer and I thank you for your interest in learning more about us. As an endocrinologist - a medical doctor specializing in diabetes - I kept giving the same advice to my busy patients over and over again: exercise a bit, always eat breakfast, keep carbs low . . . to read more about Lunch Balancer click here

I was sent a Sample Box from Lunch Balancer I was extremely happy to have received this box to try out all the healthy goodies for a snack. My box had the following products:

Turkey Sticks, Veggie Chips, Roasted Almonds, Organic Fruit Chews, Protein Pretzels, Almond Butter, Whole Grain Crackers, Roasted Chickpeas, Chocolate Macroons, Hummus, Lentil Chips, Edamame Crunchers, Sweet Almond/Cashew/Pecan Mix, Plus Coupons.

 Me & my son tried the Cinnamon Gluten Free Pretzels and they were so good little sticks that you can have as an afternoon snack these we the best and my son loved them a lot. He even took some in a zipper lunch bag for a snack at his camp (: He was really happy.

 Crunchy, Delicious Taste, Satisfying!

My husband eating one of the Turkey Sticks. He loved them. He said it was nice & tender and chewy just like a Slim Jim, but way better.

I got two Turkey Sticks

These were the chickpeas I am not a fan of these either, so I let my husband try & have them he seemed pretty content he didn't say anything negative about them he just enjoyed them, so I guess that is a good sign (:

 Chickpeas are small and crunchy he said that they were like a peanut texture whatever that means lol, but I am glad that he enjoyed them. These seem to be really healthy for you.

Again I got this lentil crackers with hummus dip as an on 2 go snack and my husband snatched this right up he loves hummus so I didn't get to get a picture or anything of him eating it or opening it up which sticks I thought this was such a great snack especially something for work snack. I do like hummus too.

It's funny I got these to try my local Whole Foods Market sell these and one day they actually had some to sample and I remember trying them and getting a bag they were really good and these are actually great to dip with in hummus. They are baked and I love them baked it's a little healthier. The texture is great to nice and crunchy just like a regular potato chip but way better these veggie chips are amazing. I suggest you pick up a bag and try them you'll fall in love.

 I just actually got into mango not to long ago about a year or so. I love any mix drink with mango and I love the fruit it's so good. They sell yogurt parfaits at our local WaWa store and I had gotten one and really good & sweet. I have yet to try these I was thinking of saving them for our camping trip when we leave on August 2nd.

I actually got to review this company before Simply7 so I was very formilar with these chips they are really good and they have different flavors and I remember the Lentil Chips Jalapeno I loved them.

Have not tried yet saving for camping trip (:

Everyone loves almonds they go good with everything, but not for me. I don't really like almonds except if they are shaved almonds and I love them in my yogurt with fruit. My husband and siblings like them so I shared some with them.

I love popcorn as a snack and movie theater I try to bring my own because all the butter they put on in the movies is ridiculous so I try to avoid that. Sea Salt Kettle Pop is really good and it's just perfect nothing to fancy it's a perfect tasting. We loved & enjoyed it.

Macaroons aren't really that great in my opinion so my pop-pop had these. I do remember these got them in another box review I received these seem very popular.

When I think of these I think snap peas and they are really good. I like to eat these plain some people put them in salads. I like the salty texture when I eat them.

A few coupons that came with my Lunch Balancer.

I was looking at their Lunch Balancer Differences and I came across this which I think is VERY true because I hear it all the time and I myself believe it as well, so I thought I'd share.

You truly eat healthfully.  Just because a food is marketed as “all-natural”, “gluten-free” or even “organic” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy for you.  We think it’s time that you learn the meaning behind food labels.

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