Tuesday, July 29, 2014

SexyPop Review

Disclosure: I received these product/products mentioned on my blog free of charge for the purpose of this review my opinions are my own and may differ from yours!

Sexypop is founded by Robert Ehrlich, genius innovator. Robert has a powerful sense of what is next. Robert has created Chaos, Power Puffs, Past Life Puffs, Spirulina Spirals, Oatbran Potato Chips, Personality Puffs, Nude Food, Dude Food, sweet potato chips with soy, pesto chia chips, sourdough pretzels . . . to read more about SexyPop click here

I was sent a sample pack of delicious SexyPop Popcorn to review on my blog. This is the first I am hearing about this brand and I am thrilled to know it because they are extremely GOOD! Their is only two flavors though that I kinda just fell in love with. With that being said the flavors that they have are the following:

 The first try was the Bangin' Cheddar this one was one of my favorite it was nice and cheesy and just perfect I enjoyed this flavor a lot and couldn't stop eating it to be honest. I love how all their SexyPop is Cholesterol Free & Zero Trans Fat it's a win win situation (:

Up next we tried the Bodacious Banana which I thought was really sweet like a banana and tasted just like a banana literally it was sweet & good.

Brazilian Coconut was very odd but I enjoyed it not like the rest but it was a bit weird to have taste popcorn like coconut it was sweet as well and tasted okay.

Black Pepper was a hit it tasted pretty good and had a little kick to it.

My next favorite was the French Butter this was to DIE for my second favorite it was so yummy I loved the buttery taste it was awesome and I just wanted more and more and more and my mom was a fan of this one as well. This is a #1

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