Monday, August 25, 2014

Keysocks Review

Disclosure: I received these product/products mentioned on my blog free of charge for the purpose of this review my opinions are my own and may differ from yours!

In 2009, Keysocks founder Shelby Mckee was getting ready to go to a Cincinnati Bengals football game on a brisk fall Sunday. Wanting to wear flats and with the temperature falling, she realized she needed “no show” socks . . . to read more about Keysocks click here

I was sent a few Keysocks to review on my blog. I was extremely lucky & excited to have gotten these to review. These are amazing just for an FYI "for your information" I personally do not wear high heels or anything, but the feeling of just wearing these Keysocks feel really comfortable. I would wear these with my work shoes during the winter because it's an open just like wearing high heels but without the heal just a flat pair of shoes.

Women's No Show Sock Pair - Black
My mother in law must of heard about these when I posted a picture on Instagram and she said she'd buy them off me but no way I will give her a pair she wears heels to work so she is really excited to get some of these from me (: 

Some pictures of the Keysocks that I tried on the Purple ones I love the color.

I obviously kept the purple & blue ones I gave the other solid colors to my mother in law. Some of the great benefits of Keysocks:
  • 80% Coolmax™ Polyester / 18% Nylon / 2% Lycra w/ Ultrafresh Treatment
  • Stay comfortably in place hidden from view under any full-length pant or jean
  • Perfect for flats or heels (and even boots!)
  • Coolmax technology maximizes moisture wicking to promote dry, odorless feet
  • Prevents blisters
  • Ideal for cold offices, European travel, and nights out on the town

I have to say these are the best socks I've ever heard of to be used for women at work that have to be dressed up and actually wear heels and of course every day use for woman that actually wear those huge heels which I have no idea how some woman can walk in them it's crazy!!!

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