Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kidecals Review

Disclosure: I received these product/products mentioned on my blog free of charge for the purpose of this review my opinions are my own and may differ from yours!

Need clothing labels for camp? Our Camp Labels series is stylishly nostalgic of the best classic camp imagery we all remember and love, while adding incredibly useful information to all your child’s camp clothing & camp supplies. From tee shirts to sleeping bags to bug spray, our personalized labels for kids (and adults!) are made from an adhesive is that is highly aggressive and long-lasting but it won’t damage surfaces.
Thin Boat Camp
I was sent a voucher to use at Kidecals to design a Label of my choice. I ended up choosing the Thin Boat Camp well actually my son chose the label it was this one between some other label detail. I think he liked this one because it reminded him of fishing on a boat my son loves to fish. Anyways I had put his name Nicholas Lukens where you see "Your Name Here" and my telephone underneath where you see "Phone Number". I think it turned out great, but kinda disappointed at how the size was I wanted them a little bit larger than it's original size in my opinion.

 It was the time "back to school" on September 4th, so we had to have pretty much everything labeled with his name which was such a pain in my days of elementary school I do not remember having all these labeled names and having to bring in so much products it surely has changed since those days I will tell you that much, so what we have here is his binder and crayon box we had to label so I did write his name in bold black in case they couldn't quite make out what the label said because this was the biggest it was which I stated above wish they were a little bit bigger.

Labeled all his folders which were in black. I think this is such a good idea, but my phone number really isn't necessary for these sorts of things maybe a hat or jacket of course that is.

I made sure to put a name label on his book bag which is a great idea and his lunch box as well not pictured. They also have cute Wall Decals you can purchase to on their website.

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