Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

I received a bottle of Dead Sea Mud Mask to review on my blog provided by Tomoson. I love all the beneficial skin care products that make your skin look healthy and glowing and renewed this product is an all natural detoxifier and purifier that comes from the renowned and sacred Dead Sea. It contains many minerals that are beneficial to the skin, such as magnesium, sodium, bromine, potassium and calcium.

It's a dark like mud of course and what I did before applying the mud mask on was clean my face pat and dried with warm water I let it dry and than I applied the mud mask treatment onto my face massaging it thoroughly around my face all over besides my eye and lips you want to absorb all of the excess oil, dirt and toxins from your skin. I have a few blemishes so it's good to treat acne, pimples and blackheads which us females usually get do to stress. It'll help restore an even skin tone for a smoother complexion and make your skin feel really soft like it did mine. I believe any mask simply leaves your skin feeling so soft and free. I left my mud mask on for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off and I loved the feeling afterwards. Great product.

“I received this product free of charge for an honest and unbiased review.”

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  1. It's been years since I've applied a mask of any kind to my face. This reminds me I need to take better care of my skin. Thanks for the review.