Thursday, July 23, 2015

MyShower Review

Disclosure: I received these product/products mentioned on my blog free of charge for the purpose of this review my opinions are my own and may differ from yours!

Introducing MyShower, the smart and stylish bath and shower organizer to replace your dated and frustrating shower caddy. #myshowerfits

I was sent a few products to review from My Shower. Although I do not have a house just yet we are actually living with my Grand-Pop for now until the end of the year, so with that being said. I was really happy that I got all these products because let's face it it's not the same as it once was in our generation I know we never had these sorts of neat products for our shower. They all started coming out not to long ago. Now they sell a wide selection across the whole United States because I see them in almost every store especially Burlington Coat Factory.

 They have 7 different products from My Shower I received almost all of them besides 1 which is MySmile.

 Here are a list of the ones I received:

They are all very unique and I love the ones I received and I cannot wait to hang them up in my new bathtub when we purchase a home, but I don't think I will over crowd myself with them because it will be to much, so the ones I do like and would be beneficial to me is MyHeadstand - because it can hold my scrub soaps because they hold products more of an oval shape bottle top. MyHolder - because these are good for shampoo and condition bottles that have a flat surface and ones that have funky lids of course. MyHook - because I need to have my sponge on a holder I hate how it always falls on the ground of the tub where it can get dirty so I am glad I got this product all my worries have been lifted away LOL. MyShave - because I always try and keep my shavers away from kids and when you have an 8 year old asking what everything is it needs to be kept high in a safe place for hazard reasons. I wish they came in colored ones I would think that would look really cool because I would get pink "just a suggestion"!

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