Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pooch Perks Review

Disclosure: I received these product/products mentioned on my blog free of charge for the purpose of this review my opinions are my own and may differ from yours!

Pooch Perks was founded to provide busy pet owners healthy, all natural, convenient dog products on a subscription basis.  We started out of the desire to feed our own dogs healthy, natural treats . . .  to read more about Pooch Perks click here

I am quite the animal lover if I enough money to have lots of animals I would (: that is just who I am I love them. I  was sent a package from Pooch Perks to review on my blog. I had written the company about my breed of dogs and how many, etc. Ready to see the doggies goodies? I was so excited when I had received the package and I think the dogs were more excited for the dog treats and toys hehe.

Ta-Da look what goodies my doggies got. These are all generous gifts from Pooch Perks which you can subscribe on a monthly subscription. Which you can choose which one is good for you and your furry animal (:

Chippy checking out all the goodies from their subscription box. This picture makes me happy because Chippy is always nosy and I think he knew it was for him!

We tried the Salmon Filets that are right in the middle above this picture this is what my dogs tried first. I think it was a hit because my grand pops dog Sammy loved them but let me tel you something that dog loves anything haha, so here are a few pictures of them eating the treat:

My dog Roxy she loves treats and they usually have to be what these look like because she loves the chicken ones that I usually get at Walmart they are called Nudges or something I forget, but I was surprised she ate these too because she is a picky dog.

My dog Tinkerbell she is the cutest. I just love her face.

My mom's dog Chipper he is a pain in the butt and he will end up guarding his treat and when my grand pop dog comes near him he'll growl for a minute then eat it he's so strange sometimes hahah.

Sammy out of the doorway it was hard to get a picture with her of the actual treat because she comes fast and grabs it right out of your hand.

More of the treats I got from Pooch Perks.

Tinkerbell & Chippy playing with the toys they got.

I am happy to say that my furry animals enjoyed their treats and toys and that makes me happy not everything is always about us humans (:

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