Monday, September 21, 2015

Iphone 6 Glass Screen Protector Hd Clear Review

I'd figure I'd write a small introduction about the Iphone 6 Glass Screen Protector HD Clear on my blog considering it is through Tomoson and the company has yet to respond to me because I still have not yet received this complimentary through them so I could resign from their company without me losing any score points due to this campaign so I am writing a small review so I don't loose any score points through Tomoson!

 I don't own an iPhone so many of you out there that have a iPhone I would give this a try because it seems pretty legit and a clearer screen for your phone. In other words its a tempered glass screen protector that protects your phone. If I had an iPhone I would highly recommend it because people drop there phones all the time by mistake or just slips from our fingertips or could fall out of your pocket vise versa. You can also protect from scratching and it's impact resistance, so this MobiFender Tempered Glass Protector Absorb all the Impact.

 It's HD Clear and works with Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor which I think is awesome. Why this product is better than most brands, well they only used the highest quality materials available. It's real glass and laser cut edges for a smooth feel. Perfect Fit screen and to protect your iPhone.

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  1. I own an iphone and will definitely consider this. I drop my phone a lot especially seeing that my 2 /12 yr old loves grabbing it every moment I look away :)