Wednesday, September 30, 2015

StickerKid Review

Disclosure: "I received these products complimentary for testing purposes".

StickerKid USA: Kids & Babies Labels | Clothing labels | School labels | Preschool labels | Kindergarten labels | Baby labels | Daycare Labels | Safety Labels | Custom Stickers for wall and door | Personalized Wall and Door Decals | Name labels & Name stickers and even more !

It all started in Switzerland during a friends gathering, a group of parents talking about the little ones and how they’re big time pros at losing and misplacing their clothes, toys, school supplies and shoes. They started giving ideas on how to stop this and help their kids keep their belongings as well as helping parents save money by not having to purchase the same items over and over . . . to read more about StickerKid click here

I'm happy to have reviewed such a great company called StickerKid every year for School I usually write in thick black marker my sons name but that is never really attractive or necessary at times, so I wanted to make my very own custom Square Labels with your own picture and text, and that is what I did. I chose the Square Labels I was going back and forth between 2 other custom labels and just decided on this one. I like how the picture came out it's a picture that was taken recently and I put his school name and his name first and last. I customized the font so that his full name would fit onto the sticker. As you can see above in the Red the folder I put a sticker on the top left corner.

We decided to put a StickerKid on his backpack as well. He is in 2nd grade and I would use these all the way up to 5th grade or more but I don't want to embarrass the kid hahah. I really like these because you can use for anything even if your child is in daycare and water bottles for sports. The only thing I probably wouldn't have put on my StickerKid would be my son's School name because if I want to use it for other activities that is the only thing I wouldn't want them to know because they couldn't just drive to the school and deliver it to him. I would have put my cell phone number instead, but I don't mind because I have extras that I could save and use for next year.

I also love the fact that it's waterproof it won't ruin the sticker if it rains or to much sun exposure. They have quite a selection on their website for you to browse through and create your own StickerKid or an already made color background and you just add the text.

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