Sunday, October 4, 2015

Halo Top Review

Disclosure: "I received these products complimentary for testing purposes".

Decadent ice cream - for less than 300 calories per pint! Ice cream you can feel good eating! All natural, low-calorie, low-sugar, protein-packed and made with the world's best ingredients.

Halo Top has been my favorite go to Ice Cream product now. I received a complimentary coupon for free to try out some Halo Top Ice Cream pints and I have to say they are quite delicious. My local Whole Foods Store only had these three flavors unfortunately which I was hoping that would have Mint Chip because that is my favorite Ice Cream flavor, but they didn't so I got Lemon Cake, Vanilla Bean & Chocolate. Only 240 Calories and 24g of protein per pint you can't beat that. Halo Top has a great taste as well although I didn't really like the Chocolate oh so much my favorite out of the bunch would be Vanilla Bean. Actually the three that I got only has the 240 calories the others which you can find here are different numbers but not by that much.

I had a little bit of Chocolate & Vanilla Bean. The chocolate was a bit different then the Vanilla Bean was really good and creamy texture. I loved the taste and creaminess the best. I am gonna call my other Whole Foods Market in Cherry hill to see if they have the other flavors available I hope they do I really want to try the Mint Chip. Something else I do with the Vanilla Bean I put some in my home made smoothies that I make for lunch and it's really good. I put about 2 spoonfuls in and it makes it extra smooth and creamy and delicious. You should try it! I love Halo Top Ice Cream!

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