Sunday, October 4, 2015

PUR Gum Review

Disclosure: "I received these products complimentary for testing purposes".

PUR Gum Logo

We’ve been kicking aspartame since 2010 by removing chemical sweeteners and using the highest quality, great-tasting flavors and ingredients. From our very first retailer, PUR Gum has maintained the philosophy that if we can provide our consumers with optimal health and confidence in chewing our gum, we can change the way people chew all around the world . . . to read more about Pur Gum click here

Many of my family and friends know I love Gum. I always purchase Trident Gum that is my go to Gum all the time sugarless and dentist recommend it. I recently came across a company called Pur Gum they also have mints as well, but I was really focused on the gum part because I love it. I received four packets of chewing gum and two sample packets of mints which was really generous of pur gum to send me those as well. I love trying new sweets that are good for your of course.

I received Cinnamon, Peppermint, Spearmint & Coolmint for the pur gum. My favorite was the Cinnamon of course I am used to cinnamon flavored gum and this was delicious and tasty and juicy and the flavor last very long for me which is always a plus. I shared some gum with my sisters they are always fan of trying some new products that I receive as well.

They remind me of Chiclets, but way better (:

The mints were really really good as well. I kept them in my bag for on the go I love the little bags they come in so cute. I loved the Tangerine Tango Mints the best they were very flavorful and good.

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