Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hair Chemist Limitied Review

 Disclosure: I received a sample of this product to review at no charge but my opinions remain my own.

Natural, Healthy Hair Care
Hair Chemist provides the ultimate experience in hair rejuvenation and maintenance. Our formula to repair dry or damaged hair is simple: natural, healthy ingredients = beautiful, manageable hair. Our ingredients tell our story; Jojoba oil, Shea Butter, Bamboo, Macadamia oil and Coconut oil all perform specific duties to transform dull, damaged hair back to vibrant health . . . to read more about Hair Chemist Limited click here

I selected a few things from Hair Chemist to review on my blog. I love getting new products for hair care because my hair is natural curly and I love to get that extra strength back into my hair from straighten it so many times a few years back, and I want my hair to feel fuller and shiner look.

I chose the following three products below:

The Coconut Oil Hair Serum I fell in love with because it makes my hair feel nice and it smells beyond amazing. I love the smell of coconut's. My hair isn't the perfect, but I am happy with it. This product nourishes the scalp and promotes healthy hair roots & follicles. The natural nutrients in the coconut oil helps prevent breakage of your hair and keeps your scalp and hair root heahtly and that is probably why I fell in love with this product for all those reasons. It feels great when I put this in my hair after I shower. It also adds a lot of shine to my hair.

I showered and used my new Coconut Oil Revitalizing Shampoo & Conditioner with no other hair care products just the ones I mentioned here on my blog and my hair came out like this. I felt my curls were extra curly and bouncy. It added more control in my natural curly hair. I just couldn't beleive my hair after using these products it was so surreal. I love the smells too while washing my hair with the shampoo & conditioner, and while washing your hair make sure you actually rub into your scalp for best results and moisturiizing as well. You'll fall in love like I did!

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  1. I too use coconut oil serum but haven't tried this brand as of yet. I see it's a must from your review :)

    1. I love there stuff I could own all there brand shampoo's & conditioner. I really wanted the Mask that came with it but they gave me sample packets that is not enough for my hair hahah..

  2. I have to condition my hair a lot since I have very curly hair. These sound magnificent. I love coconut anything!