Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fantas-Eyes Review

"Fantas-Eyes brand provided me with a few Sunglasses in exchange for a product review. However all the opinions expressed here are my own"

Trendy affordable eye wear & accessories. I like Fantas-Eyes because they have quite a few selections of different eye wear that are very cute and stylish. I am going to show you four pairs of sunglasses that I got to review on my blog from Fantas-Eyes which I am so excited for and to use them for my Disney Trip and of course summer time!

The first pair I received is called Isla Verde I picked out a lot of styles that interested me and they sent me four pairs. I love this pair of sunglasses because it's a floral print and I am a bit obsessed with flowers lately so I thought this was very beautiful and unique and something different for a change. I love style sunglasses like these.

I love these are one of my favorite pairs I have quite a few favorites in my pairs that I got I can't help it I am obsessed with sunglasses just a tad bit.

My next favorite pair are the St. Tropez these are very beautiful and when I tried them on my mom was like "oh they look good on you" I like the oversized sunglasses look on me.

These are very oversized and I love it. They have a nice gold design on the side of the sunglasses which I really like too. These are my favorite too. I love them and the color.

Next we have the pair in Looking Glass which I thought was really cool. I see a lot of famous Instagram users have something similar like this pair of sunglasses and I wanted to see for myself how cool they actually look. I love the glass look the best it's so awesome.
These look great on me and I can't wait to bring them to Disney I think I will bring only two pair with me. These are great for car rides. I simply think these are the best and you can find these very own pair on Fantas-Eyes on "Hers" ROUNDS they are on the first row, second sunglasses you can't miss them. Along with the other many other pairs that are also ROUND.

Last pair I received are called Midas Touch. These are simple but cute. I could always use a nice black pair of sunglasses with a gold template on the side.

These are modified cat eye frames with metal templates. I got the Black/Gold. Again I like these simple pair, and these are CAT EYE pair of sunglasses which you can find on their website first row third pair of sunglasses it also comes in a different style as Tortoise/Gold.

I couldn't help it I had to take a picture of my potbelly pigs wearing Fantas-Eyes Sunglasses (: They are just so cute and model them well! hehe

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