Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Framed Art Review

"Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review."

Framed Art and Framed Prints
Whether you're decorating a new place or sprucing up a room, adding art that you love is not only a great way to decorate but also to say something about yourself. Art can be a conversation starter, a showcase for your favorite things.

I love picture frames and I think it's a beautiful memory to keep pictures of your loved ones or close friends/family together with you at your house. I wanted to make one for my husbands cousin Teddy and his Fiance I thought they took beautiful engagement photos and I wanted to make a collage. 

They don't quite have a home yet because they are in the process of looking so they hung the picture frame up in one of the houses in the grandmothers room for now. Which is nice because I think it looks cute there for now until they can put it in there new home.

 I did have some problems trying to create it because I guess the images that I had weren't that great of a qaulity while doing a collage at that but I took that risk. I don't recommend it to others because when you look at the picture closely it doesn't look as good as it should let's just put it that way. I guess they did the best they could, but the picture itself isn't glass it's more of a paper back to it than a hard cover glass what I thought I was receiving, but no worries.

Overall I would avoid picking out a collage and just go with a simple picture of your choice. Overall I love and I think they have amazing things on their website. I like how you can choose your own favorite artwork that they have available. I love a good painting in my home. The newbies love there customized your art!

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