Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hold & Go Slow Cooker Review

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product to review at no charge but my opinions remain my own.

BeraTek Industries is a USA based product design and manufacturing company dedicated to providing innovative solutions to simplify your life. We study people interacting with products and we identify opportunities for meaningful improvement . . . to read more about Hold & Go Slow Cooker click here

This is Gerald Beranek, and he is the creator and invtentor of the Hold & Go Slow Cooker. He is also a husband, father, entrepreneur, found/owner of a manufacturing startup and a serial inventor of many other products.  
Like most inventions, Hold & Go was created out of necessity.
Wehave all been there; whether it is bringing our food to a potluck, party or aholiday event, it's always a challenge to transport your food from home to the event.

For my review I was sent the Silver Hold & Go Slow Cooker. When I received this in the mail I was really excited because I never really owned a Slow Cooker before but my mom did and it looked old fashioned. I am glad to have a newer one in my life. Being a mother of 1 is somewhat hard with his school and daily activities especially during the summer time. I just want something easy to throw into my slow cookier. I have a whole lot of Pinterest recipes for Slow Cookers and I went on there actually to make two recipes. I was beyond excited.

I decided to make a Queso dip me and my sister LOVE queso dip and we can never seem to make it the right way at local resturants around us, so we figured we'd give it a try in the slow cooker. I used the white velveeta cheese and cut them into cubes. At first it took a while I actually forgot how to make queso but found this recipe on Pinterest. I actually added a little bit of milk half way through to make it creamy, but that didn't happen.

It evenutally got a bit heated throughout since it was my first time I was always checking up on it because I didn't want it to burn because it was a dip of course I was worrying every 15-20 minutes. I added it some of the mild tomoates with chili peppers to add a bit of flavor.

After everything was heated through. I left the slow cooker on keep warm so it wouldn't get cold so my husband could try it. Now for the mess of this I don't think I will be making another dip like this again ever in a slow cooker because it's a hassle cleaning it out ha ha.

I am so in love with my 5-quart portable slow cooker. I am happy because when our family have get togethers I can make something really delicious in this and bring with me. Which is a miracle and a great way to show off my Hold & Go Slow Cooker and tell everyone about it. It also has a no-spill lid it's designed for your on-the-go lifestyle. The single-handle makes it easy to carry anywhere your bringing your food too. The handle doubles as a convenient place to prop the lid  while serving, keeping our counter toops cleand and dry. Whatever is an easy way out to not clean up a big mess I'm all for it. You can cook on High, Medium or Keep warm on the settings. When you order your slow cooker it's really nice because you don't need to put together anything the handle is already assembled and ready to cook!

My second attempt to make something exciting was my Fajitas. I am in love with fajitas anything chiken related with veggies. I cut up some green, yellow & red peppers in thin slices. I then added some boneless chicken breast I figured I'd cut them up instead of laying flat on top of the veggies this way it would cook faster rather than 4 hours. I mixed all the ingredients up with a packet of Taco Season which smelled so good aftewards. My mom insisted on putting some olive oil in so it wouldn't be too dry which was a good idea. I put the setting on High. I cooked them for 2.5 hours which was enough and they were done and I just kep the setting on warm so it wouldn't be cold when my husband came home to eat. He gets home late so it was just me and my son eating them and my step dad wanted one so I made him one. Everyone was talking about my fajitas that I need to make them again they were so good which is very excited to hear because they were really great in the slow cooker it came out WONDERFUL and DELICIOUS. I am so happy and proud of myself.

My son enjoyed them too. My son loves tacos without a doubt. Below is a little video I made for my Snapchat video hope you enjoy. 

I hope you enjoed the review as much as I did if you don't have one I highly suggest that you get one or for a special someone in your life if you have any family members that love to cook you need to get them this it's incredible take my word and for only $39.95 you can't be that price. It's well worth every penny, and they have recipes on there website you can look at as well as Pinterest.

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