Thursday, March 3, 2016

Kuhn Rikon Shop Review & Giveaway

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product to review at no charge but my opinions remain my own.

Kuhn Rikon

Since 1899, cookware is manufactured in the production site of KUHN RIKON. The Swiss brand manufacturer inspires the world of cooking with innovative products to prepare, serve and enjoy special moments around the table . . . to read more about Kuhn Rikon click here

I am reviewing today the Avocado Knife Colori® I wanted to choose this product because me and my mom LOVE Avocado's and we thought we could use a cool tool like this to review and it would be awesome and all in one tool to cut and pit and scoop out our avocado. It's so easy to handle and my mom did all the work and I took pictures and a small video.

 First you'll want to get your ripened avocado and place the steel serrated blade into the avocado and manuever it around the edges to form two halves of the avocado. It's very flexible and it cuts right through with no problems. I was amazed at how well this image turned out it is so perfect.

Next after you cut the two halves you'll want to remove the pit by using the two pitted teeth on the Avocado Knife and remove it.

Next step is the part that I like getting your avocado out into a dish, and with the curved knife tip makes it very easy to remove the skin very fast and into the bowl. It has three easy tools all in one. I love how the handle allows you to be comfortable while holding it.
They need more tools like this for other vegetables, but an avocado seems like the only one that needs a three step process and it's easier to think that there is no cutting your hand or fnger while trying to use different silverware to take a part an avocado, but you still want to be careful using this product because the blade is sharp.

There you have it you have your avocado and can now enjoy it with some chips and use whatever spcies you want with it we usually put pomergrante seeds in there and enjoy for a nice sweetness crunch.

Here is a video of the process, hope you enjoy! We enjoyed out new cooking tool for our Avocado, and I can't wait to use it again. It's easy and affordable and gets the job done!

 Buy It: Head over to Kuhn Rikon Shop to see all the other products they have to offer.

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  1. This looks amazing!! Would be so much easier than a knife! :)