Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Miracle Hair Gel for Curly Hair Review

"Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review."

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I received a small bottle of Miracle Hair Gel to review on my blog. For some of you that don't know me I have natural curly hair and it can be a pain to play around with and wake up too because if I leave my hair down or try and brush it out it's literally a big frizz ball of hair it's actually pretty funny. I know my mom has a picture laying around somewhere. Anyways when I shower everything is normal and my hair is nice that way when it dries and I don't put anything in it it tends to frizz a bit and I don't usually like it that way because I hate frizzy hair. 
 I recently tried out this lovely product which is like a gel and it's clear and runny which you just apply on the palm of your hand and I run it through my damp wet hair and scrunch up I usually use about a nickel size amount. I always have to use a little more then usual because I have a full head of hair and it's long.

When my hair was wet with the Miracle Hair Gel in it and I have a picture when it's all dry and my natural curly hair seems so natural and refreshed and all moisture. This is for all hair types to. Usually during the summertime it's the most frizzy because of the hot weather and this product is proven to lock in moisture and fight humidity on all hair types and textures. I love using different hair care products for my hair so I can tell others like me who have frizzy hair and they can look into the product and try it out for themselves as well. The picture above was after my shower during the afternoon.
 When my hair is dry from using the Miracle Hair Gel from the same day but when I changed to go out that night. I like it a lot my hair looks very beautiful.

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