Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Miracleware Review & Giveaway

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product to review at no charge but my opinions remain my own.


My name is Mike Gatten, inventor of the Miracle Blanket®. More importantly, I’m also the father of three incredible boys. Our first and third were extremely colicky babies; the first one was the very embodiment of severe colic. Needless to say, my wife and I didn’t sleep for four months that first time around. When our third son, Jake, began to show signs of colic, I knew there had to be a way to stop it before being forced to endure that incredible misery again . . . to read more about Miracleware click here

I was sent four products from MiracleWare. I got the Aqua Stars MiracleWare Muslin Swaddle 2-Pack, Miracle Sleeper Beige, Pink Stars MiracleWare Muslin Serenity Blanket & Miracle Blanket Grey with Yellow Trim to review on my blog. I have two friends that are due to have there babies anyday now within this month. My friend LeeAnn & Selena. Selena is having another girl and my friend LeeAnn is having a boy. I am so excited for them. I love getting baby products so I can take pictures of them using these products when they are first born. I love taking photos.

For not until I get pictures I will be showing you each one I received and some thoughts.

Aqua Stars MiracleWare Muslin Swaddle 2-Pack

I love swaddle blankets for babies they can be so comfortable and soft for your baby. The best use for these are when the babies are sleeping of course as well as cuddling with your baby too. I would also recommened using while burping your baby, changing, tummy time and nurshing if you'd like. I remember using these a lot when I had my son in 2007. I used these a lot for bottle feeding and burping.

Miracle Sleeper®: Beige

Miracle Sleeper®: Beige

To be honest I've never owned one of these Sleepers for babies. I guess I just never really cared to use one or didn't get one at the time of my babyshower. I see a lot of babies use Swaddles more often now.

Pink Stars MiracleWare Muslin Serenity Blanket

 This Serenity Blanket is 4-layered 100% cotton. I love these as well very comfy and great to have to sunggle up next to your baby. Great for home and traveling from birth through their early years. The long-lasting muslin fabric is sturdy enough for endless washes and actually softens over time.

Miracle Blanket Grey with Yellow Trim

Miracle Blanket®: Grey with Yellow Trim

This is new to me too haven't seen one of these either. This Miracle Blanket makes it easy to get the perfect swaddle every time, even in the dark! Hmmm... I'd have to let my friend let me know if it's that simple in the dark when her little one comes! The fabris is super soft too I felt it. All there products are really super soft and I love it. I love that it's breathable so that it can be used in warm climates while still being luxurious enough to keep your baby warm in cooler places too, and it has just enough stretch to where your baby can move without being untangled.


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  1. These blankets look so soft. I really like their designs too.

  2. The Miracle Blanket looks super cute and comfortable. I love the Sleeper, too!

    Fiona N

  3. These blankets look nice-and any of the items you received would be a great shower gift for the new mom.