Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Zesty Paws Salmon Oil Review

"Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review."

I received this product called Zesty Paws Salmon Oil to review on my blog. This product is a Omega 3 liquid food supplement for your pets. Not just for dogs we use this for our cats, potbelly pig & dogs. My mom has been mixing it with there food but lately it's been sort of nasty to put it in our pigs food because they smell like fish oil afterwards and it's not so appealing to us humans when we go to kiss our pets, etc.

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It tells you the amount to give your pet depending on there size which is always very helpful.
So exactly what is Zesty Paws Salmon Oil well it's an all-natural supplement that keeps your pets looking and feeling healthy from the inside out. You simply put it right on top of your pets food on a regular meal day whether it be morning or lunch time. It's packed with powerful Omege-3 Nutrients. Works great with small, medium or large animals. I like it because it keeps there coasts nice and soft and their bodies healthy and even their skin kydrated and itch-free.

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This product will help your pet promote proper joint function, heart health and immune system strength to keep dogs and cats in the best shape of their lives. We want our fury family to be healthy too so why not try this product for yours to live a long healthy life too. Liquid is so much easier and faster then having to shove a capsule down there throat and having to digest that and worry about them throwing it back up or simply spitting it out of there mouths. All you need to do is pump the appropriate amount directly onto your pets meal and they will do the rest and before you know it there bowl will be emptied. Now my dogs don't always eat all there food but when they are hungry they will come back for more.

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