Thursday, May 12, 2016

Latest Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears Review & Giveaway

"Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes."

I was sent a pair of the Latest Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears - Lifetime Guarantee - Rated #1 Best Multi-Purpose Utility Scissors for Chicken, Poultry, Fish, Meat, Vegetables, Herbs, and BBQ's - As Sharp As Any Knife by Chef Remi to review on my blog. I haven't had a good solid pair of Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears in awhile. The ones my mom has have been used mulitple times and we just needed a new pair and I am so glad I got these to review. They are really strong and easy to use which have different functions with what you can use with which I will explain below.

These shears are good for easy cutting of meat, poultry, vegetables, trimming fat etc. I like the fact that I can trim the fat off my meat because I am always disliking the fat on my meat I am very picky eater and so is my son just be sure to wash off your shears really good after each use with the meat because it is raw meat!

There is a built in bottle opener. Serrated section in easy grip handle for opening tough sealed bottles or even cracking nuts! Plus "pop top" bottle openers in the blade for fast and easy opening of bottles and jars.

My Cons:
I love these pair of Latest Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears. Very convenient for my everyday needs. I love how sturdy they are and easy to use to cut chicken it's so much easier than an actual sharp knife. Very sharp and great pair of Kitchen Shears. I love how it has a built in Bottle Opener which is really nice to have around when you have friends over or a BBQ for that matter and it also has a built in Pop Top Bottle opener as well so you if you can't open a jar or a bottle it just makes it easier for yourself. I love these and these would be the perfect House Warming gift because I love new and handy all in one products.

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