The Vampire Diaries Convention

I was sent 2 Silver Passes to The Vampire Dairies Convention in Parsippany, NJ. The weekend of July 11-13 and it was the best weekend I have had in almost my 29 years. I had an awesome time and met a lot of awesome people/fans. 

The Silver Weekend Admission Package (formerly known as Preferred Weekend Packages)
Here is a great way to attend ALL THREE days (YES THE CONVENTION HAS BEEN EXPANDED TO THREE DAYS THIS YEAR!) of the convention and personally meet the stars in attendance when getting your in person autographs from those included within this package's complimentary autographs. Here is what you get when you go "SILVER Weekend" for the 2014 NEW JERSEY OFFICIAL VAMPIRE DIARIES Convention:
1) Wonderful reserved seats in the main theater where all our major guests appear and events and contests occur! These seats are YOURS, come and go, all THREE DAYS! Your seats are either to the rear or sides of the Gold Weekend Package seats.
2) You get to pick your actual seat in the theater with our new ticketing chart system! THREE FULL DAYS OF LIVE ENTERTAINMENT filled with celebrities, events and audience participation!
3) Complimentary in-person autographs with great guests: IAN SOMERHALDER, PAUL WESLEY, TODD STASHWICK, ZACH ROERIG and MICAH PARKER. The value of these autographs, if bought separately would be $215, so you know this is an awesome deal!
4) Among the first to get autographs (of those signing as part of applicable packages) as we go in order with Gold Patrons first, then Silver Weekend Patrons.
5) Pre-Registration Fun: we get you set for the weekend before other patrons and give you first crack at the exclusive merchandise!
6) Wristband access: we have special color coded wristbands and collectible lanyard credentials for Silver Weekend Package Holders: once you get set you don't need to wait again!

7) Admission to the vendors area.
8) Complimentary admission to the Friday Night all new Karaoke Party hosted by Micah Parker and featuring other stars.

 I was Row M; Seat 15 & 16 I had talked to a fan on Facebook and told her I'd give her my #16 seat so she could have exclusive seating with me as well. It's great to make a few friends down at the convention, and it was really generous for another fan named Pamela to send me her Silver Weekend Pass for free since she couldn't attend those suckers range for like $249 it's expensive. I also met another woman that was a fan and she was staying in at the Hilton Hotel where the convention was at as well and she let me stay with her the whole weekend which was really generous of her as well. I felt so blessed like it was a dream come true for me too. I love Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley when I had got to the convention I did end up buying a photo op of Paul Wesley than changed my mind the next day when I heard that there were more selling tickets of Ian Somerhalder aghhh I was thrilled!

I payed $129 for the photo op a little pricey but well worth every penny in my opinion my mom said I was crazy but she doesn't understand to have an obsession over a TV Show and an actor hahah..

Friday, July 10th

I left my mother in laws house after dropping my son off around 2:00pm and didn't get their til about 5:00pm also hitting traffic on the way up there on the NJ Turnpike and getting lost a few times, so I was able to attend my first autograph session with Micah Parker and than attend the formal Karaoke Party they had at 9:30pm.

I than met my first friend who I was talking to on Facebook about the convention her name is Jenny with her little baby girl Jasmine she's so adorable! She was in Row M; Seat #12.

Saturday, July 12th

 I got up around 10am that morning I didn't really care about the panel with Todd Stashwick & Collard Harris didn't really know who they were so I slept in a little. Need my beauty sleep. 11:05 they had a Panel for Michael Trevino (Tyler Lock-wood) & Zach Roerig (Matt Donovan).

Theses guys were a trip and very funny especially Zach he was a riot. Fans got to ask them questions as well.

I uploaded all the videos there actually on my YouTube account profile you'll have to view them there because they weren't loading on here for some reason (: check them out you won't be disappointed!

I met my second friend who I was talking to on Facebook her name is Mindy she's a great person and a fan as well (:

I also got a Michael Trevino Photo op which was only $50 not to bad at all and that was around 12:35pm.

 He was nice & very cute looking aghh he was buff a little and it went by so fast because they so rush you it literally is like 2 seconds.

 We also got Ian Somerhalder Autographs they went my Gold Weekend than Silver than regular admission so we were 1:20pm and the autograph was so awesome he said whats up chick to me and I said hey back he looked so hot and handsome :)

 Around 2:15pm Daniel Gillies (Elijah Mikaelson) Panel was around this time and we listened to fans ask him questions and he was hysterical as well. 

Also got to have a picture with Daniel Gillies because my one friend Mindy well her friend got two tickets by accident so she gave her the second ticket and we could have two people in the picture (:

4:00pm was Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) Panel this was beyond exciting and everyone was screaming & shouting it was the best Panel yet besides Paul's, but I was extremely happy to have seen Ian in person and on stage answering questions I got 3 videos of him which are hilarious he is such an outgoing person. He's so amazing!!!

 Can you say hotness he is so sexy especially with that facial hair ughh.. He's gorgeous!!! His video panels you'll have to see some of them are really funny and he is just dreamy. I can drool over him any day (:

Around 5:05pm was Ian Somerhalder's Photo Op and boy was I EXCITED!!! He was so outgoing and very nice he just came up and said hey and wrapped his arms around me I'll never forget and I did the same!

Hot, Hot & Hot!!!!!!! I couldn't stop thinking about my awesome weekend because of him & of Paul Wesley.

They had other photo duo ops that were available but to pricey for my budget and they also had Private Meet & Greets which were highly expensive as well so none of us did them but others did and they were lucky!

 Mindy's friend Rodelyn I met her she is a sweet person.

10:30pm was the Founder's Day Masquerade Ball only for Gold Weekend Patrons, but my friend Merlin the lady I was staying with my friend she went and this is a picture of her

 That night I went to the Steak House they have in the Hilton hotel and I went to go order a salad because I was starving and some mac & cheese and guess who was sitting at the bar having a drink? . . . . Michael Trevino & Callard Harris so damn my phone died so I asked a girl if it would be okay if she took a photo & sent it to my phone because my phone died she was generous enough to do so which was awesome and I thanked her a million (: Here is my picture with the men (: it was a happy picture & Mike was cheesing the photo lol or photo bombing it so it's called...

I was so lucky to get a duo with these two boys without having to pay the $199 thank goodness plus they should be allowed to take pictures if they aren't in the convention area in my opinion.

Sunday, July 13th - Last Day!

 Was sad it was the last day of the convention, but was extremely happy that I got to see Paul Wesley.

I got up around 9ish and packed everything and left the room to go put my stuff in the car, but came back in and at 11:10am they had their host Arielle Kebbel & some music videos to share with the fans people that made their own videos and showed them on a big screen which were pretty good. 

Arielle Kebbel came on stage to host a little and than welcomed Paul Telfer (Alexander on The Vampire Diaries' episode Graduation, The Walking Dead & The Five). Which was around 11:20am.

Arielle was very sweet & pretty.

At 2:15pm Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) was up for his panel next and Arielle Kebbel introduced him on stage and stayed with him a little while before she had to go and get pictures done with fans.

Paul Wesley is so dreamy and I just love him on the show as well he's a very attractive man and is very sweet & seems a bit shy, but I think he warmed up to the audience very quicky and was hilarious at times he even brought his little sister up whose name is Julia I swear she looks like my cousin Regina LOL.

So that was that with Paul Wesley he was amazing and great at answering all questions from fans which was great and I loved taking pictures of him :) It was amazing!

 Had to get a picture before I left for autographs for Paul with Rodelyn it was a pleasure meeting her.

Paul Wesley's Autographs started at 3:30 which went pretty quickly because his flight was cancelled and they needed everyone to corporate and move in a fast paced mode, so when it was my turn to get an autograph I was a little nervous but happy at the same time because it was Paul Wesley were talking about aghhh so when it was my turn he signed my tank top I had most of all the included people sign my tank top which is included in the silver package (read above) so I couldn't get his imagine out of my head for that day/night ugh I can't wait til next year because I am just going to get a photo op of him hopefully!

All my signatures from The Vampire Diaries Cast (:

It was a fun weekend for my by myself without my husband or son around just myself & I and meeting a few other people that have an interest in the show as much as I do and a obsession over the actors of course, lol who wouldn't..... With that being said you can look at the Schedule they have online because what I posted is what I did within those days and they had a lot more going on which I didn't attend or couldn't afford, but for those who are looking forward to next year or want to take a sneak peak this is something the schedule looks like, enjoy.. Schedule <~~~

Here is the Creations Website so you can view more information and see what other conventions they have going on, Click Here <~~~

Hope you enjoyed my story of my weekend at The Vampire Diaries Convention!

The Vampire Diaries Convention 2015

As all of you know I am obsessed with the show The Vampire Dairies and well I had bought and saved a $500 Visa pre-paid card for this event especially for me and my husband (who actually couldn't attend close to the date) I invited my friend Heather which was great a girls night which sounds great to me.


Stopping to get a picture of me and my friend while we were heading to Parsippany, NJ to where the convention was at. We were so excited well I was very excited again cause this was my 2nd time going and Heather's first time going. I wasn't all about the panel this time around I was more about the photo ops that is mainly why I saved so much money for it and for the hotel for a night as well. 

 We had a blast and I love this chick she's like one of my best friends!

 Some pictures we took in the hotel room goofing around...

In no particular order I will post the pictures of our photo ops. I let Heather get the one with me and Michael and of course Paul the one with Ian and Paul sandwich duo was all to myself *wink*


I literally was in heaven when I got the duo of Paul & Ian I was so lucky to have gotten to experience this not once, but twice. Heather was very stoked too because she was asking all these questions she didn't know what to expect and I told her that the pictures literally last like 2 seconds if that LOL it's crazy because the amount of money we pay for these types of events you think we would have about ten mins each tops. It's not asking for much, but they will quickly take our money :( I needed more time with them and I don't have so much money for the Meet & Greets which I wish I could afford but simply can't. I think this would be my last convention because I don't have the funds like everyone else and it's not worth it but maybe just for an Ian photo it would be for me hehe. I could stay at a friends house so I wouldn't have to travel but we'll see. Until then in 2016 here are some panel photos I took while I was in seat Y this year.

That is just some of the photos I took at Panel time. My favorites...


Here is a picture of me and Rodelyn. We had an awesome time. I enjoyed it and I'll remember this day for the rest of my life once again (:


  1. LOL - my obsession is Reign (so sad to see King Francis die)!! :D

  2. You always post about VD I might have to start watching!

  3. You are one lucky lady to have been able to have your obsessions dreams answered like this. Im not into this, as I am way way older than you . You got memories in those pictures you got too.

    1. Oh my goodness I know. Ever since the show started I wanted to meet the cast lol

  4. Wow! What a weekend! I don't have a tv series or actor obsession, but I get as giggly as a schoolgirl when I get to meet and talk to famous (to me) artists and architects. It's all relevant. :) I think it is just so cool that you met so many wonderful and generous friends! Those are the relationships that make experiences like this so special.

  5. I never really noticed how HOT these guys are!! You were really fortunate to meet the real life actors of your favorite show!! I'm still waiting over a-half-of-a-century to meet mine!

  6. Wow! That must have been a shivering with excitement experience for you!It would be so wonderful to meet actors that you adore in person.I'm glad that you got to meet a new friend too.

    1. Omg yes. I'm sad I won't be able to attend this year for the finale convention, but it can be really expensive and just do not have the money sadly.

  7. this is pretty fun! i would never consider myself enough of a fan to go to a convention but i've seen all the episodes. it's been an interesting series.

  8. This looked like lots of fun. One day I will have to attend a convention like this.

  9. Wow! I'm really happy you had this special moment! Looked like you had a wonderful time!