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Thursday, June 30, 2016

June Poochperks Review

"Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary for testing purposes."

Pet Parent Purchased. Dog Tested. Veterinarian Approved. 
A monthly dog box of carefully curated goods for the pampered pooch.

Chipper is honestly just a model for my Poochperks box I get every month. He is sometimes a pain with different treats he is picky, but he loves the toys I have to say. My other dog Tinkerbell not pictured but was in previous monthly box which you can look take a look here.

I honestly had the paper in hand but must of fell on the ground because I put my things up high usually I have two potbelly pigs that get into EVERYTHING, and I mean everything they got into the one bag of treats one day and the paper was in there with it and it was all ripped apart oh joy! 

Getting monthly subscription boxes for your fur babies is beyond great because they get excited every time you have something new for them especially toys & treats. If you want to subscribe to Poochperks monthly Perks box plan all you have to do is click the "Get a Box" choose your box for "Small dogs or Medium/Large"

I absolutely am in love with this comb flea brush literally. It does the job and it brushes out the fleas no lie. I got two off and they were literally stuck in the comb. My mom didn't think the brush actually worked and I said yes it does. Here is a picture of the comb and flea circled in black.

Tinkerbell was a good sport and let me comb through her hair although I think she knows the routine because my mother actually goes in with her fingers and sprays alcohol on them and pulls them out. Although I do recommend doing this outside not in.

Me just combing through Tinkerbells hair. I did have the video of the actual flea on the comb, but I accidentally called it a tic whoops, so I won't be posting that! Sorry!

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