Monday, January 23, 2017

Nutrisystem's Turbo Takeoff Follow Up, Week One #NSNation #ad

Disclaimer:  I received Nutrisystem complimentary in exchange for my blogging weight loss journey.

Well friends, I've made it through my first week! I'm so proud of myself because within the first week of Nutrisystem Turbo Takeoff I've heard it is the most hardest week ever because as your food intake is very limited. I am a human being and I love to eat, but before I was only eating Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner plus a snack. With Nutrisystem you eat 6-7 meals daily. Turbo Takeoff included the following for my week which was 7 days of breakfast, lunches, dinners & a box of Turboshakes and a box of NutriCrush shakes. I had to start my day off with a breakfast entree within an hour of waking up (which was okay because I usually get my son up around 7 for school).
 My Turbo Takeoff supply box that I received! Everything looked really good and delicious.
So, as I get back to the daily plan for the day
2-3 hours later have your Turboshake.
2-3 hours later have your lunch entree with two of your four non-starchy veggies.
2-3 hours later have a Nutricrush Shake for your afternoon snack.
2-3 hours later have dinner with your other two non-starchy veggie servings.
This was my every day meal plan as it was my first time. I had a little bit getting used to everything and the 2-3 hours intake as well. It was a bit hard for me at first, but I managed and got through the day, days as it got better for me.
 The Turboshakes were really good I added in a half banana with mine because I honestly didn't like the taste at first. I'm not gonna lie but adding that half of banana really helped me like it much more. I also used Almond milk instead of water just because I don't really like using water with my shakes at all. I just think it taste weird to me anyways that is my honest opinion.
One of my meals throughout the week I enjoyed the Dinner "black bean and polenta enchilada with white meat chicken" it was a bit spicy but really good and the chicken was really tender as well. I enjoyed it and liked it a lot. The different meals were getting used to but overall was a huge success for me throughout my week which was very surprising.

As for the breakfast meals they were very small, but I knew I wasn't going to starve because I was going to have a shake 2 later. The double chocolate chip muffin I had one day for breakfast and it was really good. The muffin was mini & petite it was really cute and really delicious. Breakfast bars were really good too. I enjoyed them a lot.

Lunch, I think I struggled a bit because I wasn't really used to eating a small portioned lunch or before I would sometimes skip a lunch and just snack on something and then go right to dinner because I was usually not hungry at the time and would be more hungry around 3pm when my son came home from school, so I had a big adjustment to change.

As for exercise I didn't really do anything much besides walk around the house a bit and was constantly doing something whether it be cleaning the house, vacuuming and doing laundry.

I've have been noticing a change in my sleep though as I have been going to bed a lot earlier then normal and been getting up in the middle of the night but eventually going back to sleep which is a process for me because I would usually get up when I have to get my son up for school and then go back to sleep until maybe like 1pm it wasn't good. My sleep pattern was all messed up, but lately since I've been on Nutrisystem I have to say there is quite a change in that and I am very pleased because I wouldn't like to nap throughout the day because I'd be so wide awake around 2-3am it was awful. So a big thumbs up to that. I'm happy and excited what my next week challenges will be.

See you guys next week for another Nutrisystem update!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Super Undies Review

"Disclaimer:  All the opinions given, good or bad, are my own. The product is only used by me or someone in my immediate family. I received this product free of charge for an exchange for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions. I received no compensation for this review."

Super Undies
In 2015 Laura Woj launched her free information side of Super Undies, Scaredy Cat Potty Training. Her passion for empowering parents in their innate ability to be great parents, has driven her to travel the country on a month to month basis teaching parents everywhere about how to potty train. You can find her teaching at all MommyCons, plus other baby shows, all for free!

I was sent a pair of the 2.0 daytime trainer in dreamland to review. I had gotten these for a friend because her little girl was still in diapers and still slowly trying to learn to go on the potty and just needed an extra help througout the day, so I thought these might have helped her transition into her daytime routine of bed wetting when she would take naps or just simple day to day running around and getting used to going on the big girl potty.

These have helped a bit during the day as she was slowly using undies while having these over-top just in case she is a pretty demanding girl so everything has to go her way or no way, lol. She knows best and is a brilliant little 3 year old.

All of there products are designed to have a customizable absorbency. They have three different insert selections that also vary in fiber content. If you aren't really sure what insert to choose or go with you can always write them a message through there website!

These super undies were released on November 7th, 2016.

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Cutegirl Cosmetics Review

"Disclaimer:  All the opinions given, good or bad, are my own. The product is only used by me or someone in my immediate family. I received this product free of charge for an exchange for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions. I received no compensation for this review."

Cutegirl Cosmetics
Cutegirl Cosmetics is fake & pretend makeup products that does not apply to skin which encourages imagination and creative play.

I was sent a Pretend Makeup "Arrow" Set from Cutegirl Cosmetics to review on my blog. From time to time I request different things for my friends and there children simply because I think it's fun and adorable to experience there point of view in cute and adorable products/items like this. My really good friend Heather has 3 kids her youngest is 3 and she is the most adorable little girl ever and so brilliant. I thought of her while picking this make up set out.

Her is a picture of the "Arrow" Set that I chose to review for my friends daughter. It's a cute arrow cosmetic bag and comes with all this adorable fake pretend make up which really looks real in my opinion. This set includes the following:
  • Pink and Purple Nail Polish
  • Golden Orange Glitter Pot
  • Foundation
  • Compact
  • Silver/Gold/Pink/Purple Glitter Eye Shadow
  • Set of Real Brushes
  • Bubblegum Pink Lipstick (Made out of Silicone)
  • Arrow Makeup Bag

Here is a picture of Bre holding her Foundation & Bubblegum Pink Lipstick. She is too cute and has been practicing putting on her fake "toy" make-up on herself and her mommy.

 These items are really nice and affordable and would be perfect for any little girl in your life. I know when I used to go to my friends house my friends kids or sisters that were younger would always want to go through my purse and dig through my make-up so this is a great gift or something to get your little ones. It's realistic looking and looks like the real thing. The shapes of everything look and feel just like the real thing. No mess, so it's very convenient.

 I think these make-up sets would make the perfect birthday gift for any special girl friend you have and or daughter in your life!

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Guidecraft Review

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. I receive complimentary products for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


Since 1966, Guidecraft’s mission has been to create objects of lasting importance that enrich the lives of children and articulate and define creative, joyful, and meaningful experiences. We make products that inspire and educate; products with a focus on safety, creativity and quality . . . to learn more about Guidecraft click here

I received a product called Guidecraft Grippies® Builders to review on my blog. A good friend of mine I was babysitting for a couple of months I got these for him to use while I have him. He was 7 months at the time when we used these grippies which are actually pretty entertaining for a 7 month old. They come with 20 pieces and 4 soft matte textures in bright colors.

Jaxson playing with the grippies in his walker. He would be amazed at how they are magnetic and then he really loved the white balls that came with the set as well because he would play with them and bang them together like most babies do. He would always chew on the texture ones with his teeth as he was teething too.
 These also help providing introduction to engineering which I don't know how but I guess it's good to learn. In my opinion I it's sort of hard to make something with these Grippies but if you take the time and actually connect more than a 20 piece set it would be more convenient too build something with them.
 Jax mainly loved bumping the two grippies together to make noise. As he gets older he will be able to build and stack them on top of each other what I did and showed him and my son Nick. It was fun!
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Brentwood Home Holistic Wellness Bundle Giveaway!

Great products from Brentwood Homes. A nice meditation pillow to relax your mind and soul with a beautiful soy candle. I love there pillow it looks really comfortable and cozy!

 Brentwood Homes wants to help our readers get their new year off to a good start, so they are offering one reader a chance to win a latex/Kapok pillow, a beautifully scented soy candle, and a meditation pillow.  

This giveaway is hosted by Heather at
You can read her review here:  

Giveaway Rules: This giveaway is open to those living in the United States to those 18 years and older with a valid email address. You will be contacted via the email address you use in the rafflecopter form. This giveaway ends February 10th! 

A winner will be selected by random draw and contacted within 48 hours after the giveaway ends.  

Good luck!