Saturday, August 20, 2016

RealHer Review

"Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes."

Founded in 2015, and borne out of a passion for makeup, RealHer was created in response to the increasingly complex identity of the modern woman. In time, the brand philosophy evolved into a powerful vehicle for ideation and inspiration. We believe in creating high-quality, sustainable products that encourage women not to be ashamed of makeup, and to use it as a vehicle for self-love and empowerment . . . to read more about RealHer click here

I was sent a few selected RealHer Moisturizing Lipsticks to review on my blog. Some of you that know me I love trying out new make up products especially lipstick. I love make up I may not be the best make up artist but I love trying lipsticks and glosses and such I can tell you that I am good at putting that on my lips (:

 The shades/colors I received are listed below:

Listed above in the picture is what each shade/color looks like and matched with the numbers below of each. As you can see I put two stars next to my absolute favorite. I have a picture of me wearing both of them. I love the shade/color now this is with a flash on my camera as well. I love how moisturize my lips feel when I wear this lipstick RealHer has really been wonderful and last almost all day for me wearing the lipstick.

The shade/color I have on my lips above is the "I Love Myself" which is a light pink color with a bit of a natural look I think and I first picked this color first to try on because something about it just caught my eye. I usually go for the light than the darker colors. I just thought this was really cute and a light natural glow pink. I do love myself in this color!

 Next I am wearing the color "I Define Beauty Myself" which is another amazing pink color, but is better appearing in the picture and you can actually see it which is why I love this color too. Each color has a soft matte finish with an ever so slight gloss that glides onto your lips smoothly with a creamy rich color pigment.

After awhile it has been on still looks amazing on my lips as you can see above. I love that RealHer Moisturizing Lipsticks are enriched with Shea Butter, JoJoba Seed Oil, Macadamia Oil & Vitamin E. Also not tested on animals! I may just sign up for there Affiliates program.

I love RealHer Moisturizing Lipstick I love almost all the color/shades they have to offer. I can't wait to try out the other three that I didn't mention on my blog but will be sure to post a picture when I do. I love how it has a printed logo of there name on there lipsticks very clever and cute!

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

#Adhesivebra LANFEI Women's Invisible Reusable Push Up Bra Review

"Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes."

I received the LANFE, Woman's Invisible Reusable Push Up Bra to review. I ended up choosing the A/B size. I was a bit skeptical about this because I have never tried one of these things before in my life so first time for everything, right! The texture is rubbery which feels pretty awesome I couldn't stop touching it LOL, but I like the material it seems comfortable and sturdy it has a really nice sticky residue to it so you know will stick to you really good.

 You simply push your breasts together and it improves the appearance of your cleavage. One piece form enhancing product creates your breasts to look fuller with more cleavage. They recommend that you do not use any sort of perfumes or powders on any other skin care products prior to use, as it will reduce the effect of the adhesive. You can reuse but make sure that you wash in warm water and mild soap then sit to air dry itself. When your push up bra is dry you can reuse as before. I like this because you can go bra-less! I do recommend going a next size up in general for this product.

 (picture from Amazon)

#WaterSkinShoes Unisex Barefoot Water Skin Shoes Slip-on Water Shoes Review

“I received this product for free for honest and unbiased feedback.”
I received a pair of the Unisex Barefoot Water Skin Shoes Slip-on Water Shoes to review on my blog. These came at a great time because I was forever waiting for these because I couldn't wait to try them out. I had gone to Atlantic City for the day with my Mother for her birthday and my sisters. We went on the beach I will never forget the pain I felt going onto the sand because it was so so hot literally hot and I felt like my feet were going to catch fire it was scorching HOT so bad oh my goodness never again will I ever go on the sand with black flip flops again EVER! I literally felt like I was going to die! No lie! Anyways.... That is when these awesome, comfortable water shoes came in handy.

When I tried these OUSPOTS Unisex Barefoot Water Skin Shoes I fell in love I tried them on and they fit really comfortable and true to size. I haven't been to the beach since that day but did try these on the street near my house because the street is hot too and didn't seem to bother me at all, and next time I go to the beach I am bringing these with me for sure because I will not go on the sand without shoes on because I had a bad experience and I don't remember ever having that trouble before in the past so YAY for these Barefoot Water Skin Shoes you saved my life. I love them! Although I did bring these camping too just because there are showers and I never go in a shower barefoot and these really helped me when I showered so I'm glad I got some use out of them already. I recommend these shoes you won't be disappointed at all. They are amazing!! #WaterSkinShoes

(All pictures on my blog are from Amazon)

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Zoku Review

"Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary for testing purposes."


Zoku is known for our housewares. But really, we’re in the thinking business. We put the fun in functional with innovative, easy-to-use, well-designed products. Zoku means family in Japanese. The definition goes beyond creating family memories around our products, it speaks to our culture. Our office—which we designed from scratch—is our playground . . . to read more about Zoku click here

I received a Ice Cream Maker from Zoku to review on my blog. I had actual pictures to show you but considering my phone decided not to charge correctly I had to get a replacement phone, so I am very disappointed about that, but anyways I will tell you all about how awesome this great convenient ice cream maker really is.

(pictures from website)

What I like most about this Ice Cream Maker is that it's individual portion control size and you can make about anything like custard, frozen yogurt, sorbet. All it takes is about 10 mintues with this maker from Zoku. My favorite ice cream would be vanilla of course my son would pick chocolate probably. I like frozen yogurt too and custard so I wouldn't mind which I probably would do a bit of experiencing to get the right consisitency and texture because this would be my first time actually making ice cream in a ice cream maker. I like how the description picture shows strawberries I would so use them in my frozen yogurt with some chocolate chips. You can top with whatever you like make it fun for the kids too. Great for parties as well.

 What's included:
Includes: 1 Stainless Steel Bowl, 1 Protective Sleeve, and 1 Spoon

Step by Step Directions:
1. Freeze inner bowl for 12+ hours
2. Pour in 5 fl. oz. of chilled ice cream mix
3. Stir, scrape, and add toppings once the ice cream begins to form
4. Use silicone edge of bowl to clean spoon while making ice cream
5. For hard ice cream put unit back in freezer for 10-20 additional minutes after soft serve has formed


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Kernel Season's Review

"Disclaimer:  All the opinions given, good or bad, are my own. The product is only used by me or someone in my immediate family. I received this product free of charge for an exchange for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions. I received no compensation for this review."

Kernel Season's
Kernel Season’s was born, appropriately enough, at the home of the Maize and Blue. While a student at the University of Michigan, Brian Taylor was looking for ways to bring more flavor to his favorite snack, popcorn. He started to experiment with natural seasonings and ingredients, and shared his creations with friends in the dorm. From the responses he got he knew he had more than the perfect 3 a.m. snack . . . to read more about Kernel Season's click here

For my review on my blog I will be sharing my thoughts about a brand name called Kernel Season's. I had received quite a few products that I had selected to review that might be an interest to me and my family. My son loves popcorn whenever he goes to his grand-mom Ann's house they always buy him a box to take him. The flavors above I choose were Sour Cream & Onion, White Cheddar, Cheesy Jalapeno, Nacho Cheddar, Bacon Cheddar, Ranch & Garlic Parmesan. As you can see I like a lot of flavors I got some for my son and husband and overall my family who love to try different flavors with our popcorn and then some with pizza or what ever your heart desires to sprinkle some fun onto your food.

My first choice that I tried was my delicious Cheesy Jalapeno. I love anything with a little bit of heat and that taste really cheesy and good. This was by far the best popcorn I've had with popcorn I couldn't stop eating it and I sprinkled a bit more on then I should have which is okay because I loved it so much.

My son decided to sprinkle some Sour Cream & Onion on his pizza which he said tasted really good to him. I tried it and I didn't like it so much just not my kind of pizza that way. My husband tried his with the Bacon Cheddar and he loved it. 
As you can see you can use it for a lot of different things. We just had pizza that night and decided to use it for the pizza too they wanted to try it. Other things I might suggest putting on is maybe some chicken or steak season it up a bit with your other spices or ingredients. Make it fun and explore with it a bit. Wouldn't hurt to try right!
Next I received some of there Crunchin' Kernal Products to try as well. I got four of them in the flavors of Ranch, Kettle Corn, Original & White Cheddar.  These Crunchin Kernel's are partially popped and they are really crunchy. I tried the White Cheddar, but I simply didn't care for them as I thought I would. I'm not to sure maybe it was the texture or something.

 These are what they each looked like. Very similar to one another but different flavors.

Last but not least I got to review the delicious Movie Theater Butter & Chocolate Drizzle Brittle popcorn topping. My mom had died and went to heaven when I had showed her the Movie Theater Butter because she is a big fan of butter, and she loves the popcorn from our local movie theater and there butter and we had a bag like every other day it was that good. Nice and buttery and satisfying. It was just like we were at the movies enjoying our movie theater popcorn.
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