Tuesday, October 8, 2019

cariPRO™ Electric Toothbrush Review & Giveaway

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. I received complimentary products for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Our team is made up of dental professionals with more than 30 years of teeth whitening experience. For decades, our staff created custom-fitted whitening trays for local dentists. After realizing that more than 70% of the cost & time . . . to read more about cariPRO click here

I received the Individual Package Electric Toothbrush by Smile Brilliant to review. I was very pleased to have received this awesome toothbrush. I haven't had the best care for my teeth because I've gone through braces and then the retainer and knowing that I was supposed to wear it all day but was told differently, so anyways it was nice to get a good "newer" toothbrush for myself and care well for my teeth. Even though my boyfriend has been using it for some time now he actually LOVES it! I had to get used to it because I'm used to using a regular toothbrush.

What's in the Box?

    1 cariPRO™ Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush
  • 40,000 vibrations / minute dynamic cleaning action
  • 5 brush modes (clean, white, massage, gum care, sensitive)
  • 30 day battery life (on full charge)
  • Ergonomic slim design with graphite gray soft-touch grip
  • Waterproof design is safe for shower or bath
  • Auto-interval smart timer for even & timed brushing
  • Wireless charging dock

     2 Premium Brush Heads with Tongue Scraper
  • Angled and tufted DuPont™ bristles
  • Graphite gray with vibrant blue silicon exterior
  • Quick-click attachment

    1 Wireless Induction Charger Dock
  • 100-240v ~ 50/60Hz (works internationally)
  • No exposed metal (charges by setting brush on dock)
  • Matte gray graphite with soft-touch grip

I love how it doesn't take batteries and it has a wireless charging dock. Very easy and convenient that way. I've had an electric toothbrushes in the past when I was younger. They are all great in there own way, but something about this electric toothbrush just amazes me I guess the way it has five brush modes which I absolutely like a lot. My favorite would be sensitive and massage, and the five brush modes are: clean, white, massage, gum care and sensitive.

You can feel the difference in each of these five modes
The "Clean" mode is what your everyday toothbrush does. 

The "White" mode is harder than the "clean" mode.

The "Massage and "Gum Care" modes are really soothing and great for gum health and circulation. Also when using this mode it will offer gentle stimulation vibrations to help massage and care for your gums safely. For the Gum Care it gently cleans your gums with a timed pulse. This is also great for your gums and gum line to keep them healthy and clean.

The "Sensitive" mode is for sensitive teeth. (Like myself), so it helps you out a lot if you have sensitive teeth and gum and electric or hard toothbrushes create discomfort. It also gently cleans your teeth and gums with a lower vibration.

I am so far very happy with my cariPRO Electric Toothbrush. I have been using it to get used to all the five modes for some time now and my boyfriend. I try to use it at night and then use my regular toothbrush during the morning. When I brush at night it makes my mouth and teeth better than any other toothbrush I've used in the past. My mouth seems more refreshed and healthy.

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Friday, September 20, 2019

Blankie Gram Review

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. I received complimentary products for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

BlankieGram.com, Inc.
BlankieGram grew from a spark of an idea between two old friends: to be able to send a loving and thoughtful gift to somebody when you couldn't be there in person to give them a hug  . . . to read more about Blankie Gram click here

I was so honored to have received a Blankie Gram to review on my social channels. I was just going through a extremely hard time in my life I had an ectopic pregnancy and needed to go to the hospital and get surgery done. This had came in the mail for me after two days of being in the hospital. It couldn't have came at a better time. I was thankful.

I’ve been enjoying it ever since. I chose the Faith Blanket The Perfect Caring Gift in Teal.  I love the spiritual words it has on the blanket itself and just a lot of words out of love and thoughtfulness to uplift those dealing with life itself.

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Sincerely Silver Co. Review & Giveaway!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. I received complimentary products for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Sincerely Silver

Sincerely Silver was founded in 2015 as a small husband and wife business which has now grown into a national brand. Our jewelry has been featured in Vogue and Glamour magazine. Our goal is to be more than the average jewelry brand. We are trend setters, story tellers, and a name you can trust. We want to take your unique story, or the story of the person you’re buying for, and turn it into something beautiful you or your loved one can wear everyday and cherish. We want to create your favorite piece of jewelry you own and make it unique to you. We believe in transparency and quality, and above all, the women that inspire us. 

I was given the chance to choose a nice piece of jewelry from Sincerely Silver Co. to review. I chose the Birthday in Roman Numerals - Disc Necklace in sterling silver. 

It's a beautiful pendant engraved with my sons birth date in roman numerals. A great gift for any loved one you have in your life. It's cute and meaningful to me. The roman numerals I think is very fancy and I love to have something different with my customized jewelry every now and then. It tells a story to me where I can share or keep it a secret and I think that is what I love most about this piece of art work.

--------------------NECKLACE DETAILS--------------------

Size: 1.25" Wide
Metal: Gold
Chain: 18" (or a custom length upon request)

Even though it's quite hard to see in the picture above with my pendant necklace it does look much better in person. It’s very unique and different and I love it and will cherish it forever. Very meaningful piece of art work for myself to wear all day every day!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Giveaway from smpl!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Real Good Foods Review!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. I received complimentary products for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Real Good Foods

Real Food You Feel Good About Eating.
We make delicious food: low in carbs, high in protein and using REAL food ingredients. Grain Free. Gluten Free. Guilt Free.

I was approached by Real Good Foods Co that they were sending me some delicious breakfast sandwiches & personal cauliflower crust pizza 🤭 I have to say that this was a whole other experience trying their Personal Cauliflower Crust Pizza because I’ve never had it before and it sounded really good to me at first. Real Good Foods has a lot of different varieties of products on there website which they will be launching a whole new website on the 19th!

The Uncured Pepperoni was not to bad the crust did taste a lot different and was very different for me. I made mine in a conventional oven for a more crispier taste. I love that it’s healthy and only 11g carbs & 27g protein per pizza.

I found their Real Good Poppers on the website and they started making my mouth watery. I really need to get my hands on them for sure!
Want to be a part of there VIP Text Club? Be the first to know about new items and exclusive promotions. Text RGF to 474747. 

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