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Zoobie Pets™ were created by two young brothers who shared a similar desire to invent something for kids that was fun, innovative and functional. Growing up with seven other siblings, they know what children like. Zoobie Pets became something fun for kids and useful for parents when on the road or at home.

Zoobie Pets™ are the ideal traveling companions for children as they keep kids entertained when awake and comfortable when asleep. Designed with parents in mind, Zoobie Pets™ are perfect for any excursion.

Zoobie Pets™ are incredibly easy to use. The durable velcro latches are child friendly and are easily unfastened to transform the animals into soft pillows. The zippers located on the bottom of the animal easily unzip to reveal the blanket inside. Each blanket can be detached from the animal for easy washing. Each animal comes with an instructional hang tag that illustrates how to properly fold up the banket—a simple and easy-to-follow three-step process.

Front   &   Back

I got to choose a Zoobie Pet for my son & I chose the Lencho the Lion 
out of the Safari Collection. My son loved the lion & he cuddles with it & squeezed his Lion head lol. He made me put it as a pillow & than a blanket & than he just wanted it & to hold it & play with it. He told me he was going to bring this to his school for show & tell.

He is so happy here with his Lion!

The only con about this product is:
Instead you get the pet & the pillow, but only if the blanket stays stuffed in the Lion. Once you take the blanket out, you have a nice blanket but an empty pillow...not very cozy, just an un-stuffed Lion body...kind of disappointed, so it's more like a pet, pillow or blanket in one, not all three together in my opinion, but my son doesn't know the difference yet so its all good just that he loves it & enjoys that is all I am happy about :)

When it's all stuffed 


Different Kinds of Pets

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I received this product free of charge for the purpose of this review

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