Friday, September 16, 2011

BellaViva Orchards

Because we farm and process our own fruit, we proudly offer businesses the highest quality organic dried fruit at a competitive price. Managing our own orchards and dry yard allows us to control the quality of the fruit from the time it grows on the tree until it is packaged for shipping.

Our Certified Organic, Natural, and Conventional dried fruits are the perfect product to offer your health-conscious customers. We make fresh and tasty gourmet snacks that are packed with feel-good nutrients and are free of preservatives. . . . read more click here


I was given the opportunity to try some dried fruits from BellaViva Orchards. I have to say I have always loved dried fruits but only a specific kind & that is Mango. I haven't really tried anything else but when I tried the Apricots it sorta tasted a bit sweet also not as sweet as mango though, but I am really not an apricot person. The Strawberries were really good I put them in with my cereal & they tasted really yummy even my son tried some in his cereal because he loves strawberries. I even thought the Dried Orange Slices looked really cool & would love to try them out sometime. To check out more of BellaViva Orchards dried fruits click here

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I received the products mentioned above free of charge for the purpose of this review

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