Monday, September 26, 2011

Jake's BBQ Sauce

Ensuring the world of Barbecue is Pure and Natural
Jake's Barbeque Sauce and Seasonings is a California based company born in 2001 from three generations of barbecue experts specializing in the production of pure and natural barbecue sauce, dry rubs and marinades.  Over the years we've been fortunate to grow our business to well over 600 locations in which our products sit.  We serve markets both nationally and internationally selling our products in the USA, Canada, Norway and parts of Europe.  Our ideal customers and clients are those who are seeking healthier, more focused Barbecue products which inspire interest as well as the taste buds.  Good barbecue is about taste, great barbecue is about taste, superior quality, great recipes, tips and ease of use.  And most importantly can you reproduce the results over and over?  And for that reason Jake's has chosen to manufacture all of its products based on a firm foundation of health and quality.  That foundation is what drives the sale of our products over and over again. . .  click here to read more


I was so excited to try Jake's products they sent me Jake's Original Mild BBQ Sauce & California Chipotle Magic Dry Rub for a review, I am sad that summer has ended because I love the smell of BBQ's during the summer-time. I love trying different BBQ products that are different & unique. Something that leaves your taste buds wonder in a good way. The bbq sauce was thick & coated well. It was sweet on the front end & finished with a fantastic kick of heat & just the right amount of it! The balance of flavor was great. I even like the bbq sauce as a condiment. It has a great smokey quality to it, that you can really taste. I love to use my barbecue sauces on chicken as a dip :) With this versatile sauce it has made making some dinners easier (and tastier).

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I saw this Recipe on there website that catched my "eye" I am a huge salsa fan & I love it so much my mom actually makes the best salsa ever so I thought I might share this delicious recipe that I got from Jake's website its called Aloha Salsa check it out here

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I received these products mentioned above free of charge for the purpose of this review

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