Friday, October 28, 2011

Budget Gagets

Budget Gadgets is located in Shenzhen, China and is able to provide high quality products at a much more reasonable price than you will fine in locally. The company adds new gadgets to their store daily and you can find a wide variety of products to include watches, video game accessories, cell phone and camera accessories, ipod accessories, and more! While it may seem a little sketchy purchasing from a site that is based in China, I assure they're pretty legit and know what they're doing.

The Toner Skin Relief Massager

Reduce and erases sun damage. 
Reduces pore size. 
Reduces and erases fine lines and wrinkles. 
Reduces and erases age spots and skin discoloration. 
Firms skin and muscle tone to reduce sagging.
Enhances new cellular rejuvenation.
Can be used alone or with any other skin care system, for all skin types.
Package Including:
1x Massager with 8 tips
(from website)

I like to get beauty products & it's a definite plus if it's something that massages as well. The thing that I like most about this product is that it comes with 6 different pieces. It takes 2AA batteries (not included) and once you put the batteries in the Slimming Toner Massager you have 2 different settings to choose from "Low or High". The messager vibrates the most when you put the setting on high, which isn't a very hard vibration if you ask me. When I tried it on low there wasn't any vibration at all, but when it was on high it still relaxed my face, so I recommend the setting at "high"....

My son was so happy to try on the Silicone watch.

Key Features:
Silicone watches are made to give you a new colorful approach on your fashion.
Light, will not hurt anyone when you playing sports and you still have the time
ATM water resistance, but not for diving, showing and so on
Design elasticity to fit any wrist
Minusion(above 1900ions/cc), far infrared ray(above 90%)
Good design award:2005 KIDP (Korea instirute of design promotion)
Hight quality silicone rubber is no harm to skin
Power Balance performance technology designed to work with your body's natural energy field. Found by athletes, Power Balance is a favorite among elite athletes for whom balance, strength and flexibility is important.
The benefits of Power Balance's performance are being enjoyed by millions of people around the world who report having experienced excellent balance, strength & flexibility when wearing the product.
Anyone can use it.
Package Including:
1*Healthy Sports Wrist Watch & Power Energy Bracelet Band
(from website)

Different colors they come in are Yellow Red  Blue  Orange Purple  Black  Pink White.

Setting the time and Date:

There are two small buttons on the back of the watch. When you read the time or date, The button on the top is A, the other is M. (âHello❠on the screen means second)

If your finger is not easy to press the button, you can use toothpick or other thin tool to help you press. Pay attention not press too hard to damage the button.
1.Press A button twice. (Date and Time displays when press once)
2.When the month figure appears, press M to set the month.
3.Press A button once again, the date figure appears and press M to adjust the date.
4. Press A button once again, the hour figure appears and press M to set the time.
5.Press A button once again, the minute figure appears and press M to set the minute.

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I received these products mentioned above free of charge for the purpose of this review

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