Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sonic Alert

Sonic Alert specializes in alert products that are geared for the hearing impaired and hard to wake. We strive to provide you with high quality, reliable products. (from website) to read more about how it got started click here!

Retail Price $39.95

This Sonic Alarm is like no other alarm that I had before. I was able to pick something out from there website, so I picked out the Sonic Bomb Jr. with Super Shaker. I absolutely LOVE this alarm clock not only does this alarm snooze off but it has a super shaker as well to either put on your night stand to have it vibrate or on your bed to shake you. When I first got this in the mail my friend actually wanted to open it she loves opening up all my goodies that I get from companies, and we wanted to try it out so she set the alarm and the shaker right on me & boy did I jump right up cause it literally shook me along with the alarm going off as well. I kinda let out a scream because at first it really scared me, I didn't think it would be that loud and that powerful to be honest, but I am glad it did that because I am a deep sleeper and I always need something loud to wake me up. I give this alarm sonic a thumbs up!!! 

This is actually great for your teenagers who never want to get up in the morning!!!

Sweetheart™ with Super Shaker™ - SBH400ss

Another Alarm clock that I thought was cute & girly I love this one because it's pink :)

Retail Price $49.95

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I received this product mentioned above free of charge for the purpose of this review

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