Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Josef Gluten Free Cookies

Nine years ago, after endless sleepless nights, and months of agonizing and fruitless doctor visits, our son was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, otherwise known as celiac disease. Our initial reaction to this diagnosis was relief. At least, (we thought) the solution is simple: all we’d have to do to see our son improve is keep him on a gluten-free diet. But as soon as we were ready to start, reality hit us. What would our son eat? Who would help us?
We found the answer within our hearts and in our own kitchen. We researched, experimented, tested and tasted until we found the right recipes for every food our son would be missing in a regular diet. He took snacks to school, ate delicious sandwiches for lunch and even enjoyed pizza parties. Slowly friends and neighbors started asking about our new "bakery" and as word got around we were inundated with calls for recipes and requests to accept orders for those unable to bake. . . to read more about Josef Gluten Free Cookies click here

Josef recently gave me the opportunity & sent me out acouple of samples to review. What I got were:

Sandwich Cookies --  3 flavors Sandwich Chocolate O's, Sandwich Cinnamon O's and Sandwich Vanilla O's which are cream-filled delight. Me & my siblings & my son loved these. It has a hard crunch to it but overall are really good & the cream in the middle is just right for your taste buds. 

Square Cookies -- 3 flavors Chocolate, Cinnamon and Vanilla. Personally, I do not really like the Square cookies! There is something about this cookie I can't describe, but it tasted chocolate-y, but it taste like it had a raw cocoa powder to it & it was extremely just not for my taste buds neither was it for my sister's. I don't really love the texture to these, but however other people may have a really different taste bud than us. I would recommend giving these to my sister's friend who lives down the street from my moms house.

Animal Cookies -- Jo-Sef ’s Animal Cookies are a fun, great-tasting snack, that children enjoy snacking on at any time. In two great flavors, these cute critter shaped cookies keep kids seated and entertained. Available in Chocolate and Vanilla. My son enjoyed the fun shapes just as much as the great taste. 

Although I was really impressed with how much flavor the cookies had. Most gluten free foods taste like card board, but these were really tasty. But they also aren't disgustingly sweet like some regular cookies can be. The cookies were crispy and fresh , just the way some people like them. A great cookie experience for me & my son & my family!!

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I received these products mentioned above free of charge for the purpose of this review

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