Friday, November 25, 2011

Splat Toys

I've been selling unique items at Festivals, Craft Shows, Flea Markets, and yes, on EBay for several years now (SELLER NAME    YBGOOD )
One question gets asked over and over.
How Can I Sell your Stuff
You get that question when you sell unique impulse items and there are lot's of people waiting in line to buy them. . . read more click here

I always remembered those other splat toys that had like in machines you would put .25 cents in & they had them awhile ago I'm not sure how to describe them I just remember them. Anyways with these Splat Toys they are so awesome. I threw it on the wall & it would stay there I got the little piggy one & unfortunately the one that my son threw he threw it to hard against the laundry basket by mistake & all the goo fell out, LOL. crazy he thought it was so cool, and than it broke at the same time. I guess he was just to excited. Cause he likes things like that. I was happy to review at least one of them anyways before my son accidentally destroyed the other one. I think these are cute for christmas stocking stuffers & or birthday gift ideas.

They have other cool things on there website such as: Big Wing Flyerz, Double Wing Flyerz, New Bike Lytes, Slinky Bracelets & BugLocks.

I received this product mentioned above free of charge for the purpose of this review

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