Tuesday, November 15, 2011


WAT-AAH was created by a mother, Rose Cameron, to encourage her son to drink water. The input of her son and other children were used to pick the bottle design, the neon colors and Green Lighting- the boy with the big mouth on the label. And WAT-AAH was born! The first premium water by kids for kids. 

I must say I love water very much. I drink it all the time, my son not so much, but he drinks it when he wants, but sometimes I tend to give him a water bottle so he can just have it to drink. I believe water taste the same when it comes out of a water bottle that is, but for some odd reason the WAT-AAH taste extra good in some way like a crisp taste "just right" my sister's loved it & especially my son he even made the face that the figure is doing on the water bottle with his mouth open which is funny & made me laugh. I was so happy to hear that WAT-AAH gave me the opportunity to review some samples of there water. Although it would of been great to put in my sons school lunch I just didn't have him in school this time around, so WAT-AAH sent me their four water drinks, Brian, Body, Bones & Energy. Each one of these water varieties gives a different benefit to your body, making the water not only good for you, but functional as well. 

He picked out the "blue" because he said that was his favorite color. He also said the boy on front was funny & that he could do the same thing what he was doing, so he showed me & I took a picture too cute!!!

Find out where to get WAT-AAH! find your location here

Contact WAT-AAH! 
1-866- WATAAH1
133 W. 25th ST. 9W
NYC, 10001

I received these products mentioned above free of charge for the purpose of this review


  1. Both my girlies love drinking water but especially my youngest who doesn't drink anything else except water!

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