Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Alphabet Kids

The Alphabet Kids books follow the adventures of Allegra, Elena, Isaac, Oni, Umar and Yang, a group of children having fun while learning about their diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The stories are intended to help children learn to love who they are and realize that people who are different can be very good friends, as well as a number of other valuable life lessons.

I was sent from "The Alphabet Kids" Website the L if for Lion book. This book is full of great ways to teach young children ages 3-6 their ABCs from exploring foods that begin with each letter to learning how to shape letters with their bodies. The activities in L is for LION let children explore the alphabet with all five senses.

D is for DOG

Each letter of the alphabet has two full pages of activities and ideas, including:
** Foodsto enjoy that begin with the letter
** Games or activities that reinforce the shape or sound of the letter
** A song, poem, or tongue twister featuring the letter
** Suggestions of books to read

(me & my son love to read this before we go to bed)
he always likes to explore the different things it has to offer in the book.

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I received this product mentioned above free of charge for the purpose of this review

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