Sunday, December 25, 2011

Get Ripped!

Jari Love is a certified personal trainer and the creator of Get RIPPED!, the multiphase, no-nonsense fully body workout system designed to help people of any fitness level shed unwanted pounds in just weeks. The hot-selling and critically acclaimed Get RIPPED! series enables individuals to burn up to three times more calories than the traditional weight-training program, and has received rave reviews from fitness critics throughout North America since the first title debuted in late read more click here

 So, the typical ways to loose weight. Either go to the gym or their are always work out DVDs. I prefer both but it also depends because not everyone has a big living room where they can do their exercises. Whichever you prefer is OK! I like to work out with my friends we usually all do a sort of mix stuff whether it be on Comcast or a DVD. I tried out this Extremely 1000 Hardcore DVD & they have pretty awesome moves all you need is Dumbbells: 3-8 pounds. I love the 6 different cardio segments that they have also along with the On-Screen clock for each exercise segment. It's pretty hardcore & is made for people who want to lose up to one thousand calories in a single hour. However the 1,000 calorie per hour claim is true for people at high enough fitness level that they can complete the entire one hour exercise program. The majority of people who buy this DVD really love it. Overall, Get Ripped! 1,000 with Jari Love is a great work out video for those serous about working out. If you are already fit and ready to get into a program that will make you even fitter, you will be very satisfied. However, if you are looking for DVD that is entertaining and motivates you to turn it on and work out this DVD may not be what you are looking for.

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