Thursday, December 1, 2011

Zebra Pen

Our Mission
We are committed, intelligent and team-oriented employees who create loyal users.  We challenge ourselves to be better.  We listen to our customers. We deliver quality and innovation.  We Create Users.

Our team and family oriented culture is based on our Core Values consisting of Honesty, Innovation, Quality, Professionalism and Respect. 

We Earn Our Stripes
At Zebra, employees are our biggest asset.  We depend on their skills, intelligence and experience that they bring.  Personal growth is the key to success for both Zebra Pen and its employees.

We believe that learning and development helps employees see beyond their potential and make the most of their talents.  At Zebra you will own your position, grow and become an expert.  Your position will encompass full responsibility and latitude with support for your success.

We Are All Leaders
Just as we have grown our business for over 100 years, our future will continue to be shaped by the needs of our clients as well as the ideas and creativity of our people.

For my review, Zebra Pen sent me there line of Cadoozles mechanical pencils. When I first brought these over to my mom's house they were so excited they tore open the package my sister's & brother loved them more than my 4 year old son to be honest, lol. kinda funny. I used to love mechanical pencils when I was younger also, so I see where my siblings got so excited. I think these Cadoozles mechanical pencils are so cool. They aren't like any other mechanical pencils. Even though they only have 1 lead in one mechanical pencil kind a stinks, and will be used fast.

Featuring 6 vibrant themes from sports and space designs to music and ice cream themes, little ones will have so much fun with this pencil that doesn’t need sharpening, they won’t even notice they are working on their penmanship!

          Cadoozles (MSRP $.41 each pencil)
             Fun pencils that never need sharpening
        Solid, wood case design barrel
            Large, colorful eraser to advance lead or refill
        Ideal for standardized tests
           Refillable with standard 0.7mm lead
            6 different vibrant, fun graphic themes

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I received these products mentioned above free of charge for the purpose of this review

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