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Ballreich's is a family owned company, founded in 1920 in Tiffin, Ohio. We strive to make the highest quality potato chips and snacks, as well as maintaining exemplary customer service. We also focus on giving back to our community, employees, consumers and the environment. . to read more about Ballreich's click here

I was recently sent a gift packaged of Ballreich's potato chips. My family loves to eat chips, pretzels & popcorn for snacks. We were all very thrilled to receive the Original All Occasion Gift Basket from Ballreich's to review. I was beyond excited to try these potato chips. There were all different kinds of flavors & the most one that attracted my attention was the Ballreich's Hot N Sassy I love hot potato chips especially when I dip them in low fat sour cream so good & yummy! The next ones that I found that were really delicious also were the Smokey Sweet Mesquite potato chips. They are all very good & fresh & you won't find any other potato chips as good as these were. It also came in a cute spotted basket which I will reuse & decorate & use it for something :)

The basket that I received is pictured above and contained: 1.5 oz. Bar-B-Que Chips, 1.5 oz. Salt & Vinegar Chips, 1.5 oz. Smokey Sweet Mesquite Chips, 1.5 oz. Sour Cream & Onion Chips, 1.5 oz. Cheese Popcorn, 1.125 oz. Baked Regular Chips, 8 oz. Pretzel Rings, Hot N Sassy, 1.5oz. and 1 Pound of Ballreich's Potato Chips, which were really salty, lol. Way to much salt in the big 1 pound bag of chips.

My son's favorite was the popcorn of course!

Create your own Combo today click (here) They even have Special Birthday Packs (here) I would defiantly recommend this site to everyone who loves a good snack here & there.

Ballreich Bros., Inc. 186 Ohio Avenue
Tiffin, Ohio 44883
Phone: 419-447-1814
Fax: 419-447-5635

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