Thursday, February 2, 2012

Milk Mate

Did your child/children always make a mess when they drank out of a juice box, well I know many kids that did, but mine was always careful sometimes anyways, if he was in a rush to get something to drink he would tare the juice box up and squeezed it and than juice would drip everywhere on his clothes on the floor wherever you might be that is, but with Milk Mate you don't have that problem anymore Thank Goodness~

 I received 2 Milk Mates to review. A Blue & a Pink one. I think these are such a great ideas for kids especially in the car ride because you have no where to put the juice boxes otherwise you or your significant other have to hold them, but having these in the car the kids can enjoy their juice box with out spilling it or having it drip all over the place. It comes in handy for any occasion for your trips in the car & in the stroller. 

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 Great Idea isn't it?

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