Friday, March 2, 2012

The Drain Claw

The #1 culprit for slow bath drains is hair. The Drain Claw is the fastest, easiest way to unclog a slow moving bath drain caused by hair.  With over 100 hooks to grab hair, it just takes a twisting motion to capture hair trapped in a clogged bath read more click here

I came across a website called "The Drain Claw" I was really glad to try out there product because my bathtub is constantly clogging with hair I don't know what even the small amount it literally stinks. I always have my husband do the dirty work because this would just gross me out, so he took the "drain claw" into the bathroom and it really did wonders he took some pictures, but my camera is lost right now so until than I will post the pictures up thanks for understanding, and this "drain claw" really works it got most of the little bit of hair out of the bathtub. I am beyond happy about this product so when my bathtub is clogged again I can simply ask my husband to do this again for me it comes in handy.

Order your Drain Claw now click (here

Mailing Address:
The Drain Claw
3 Golf Center Suite 364
Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60195 USA
Customer Service 1-708-781-9482  


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