Friday, March 30, 2012


Like minds attract, and the 'Shaklee Family' knows value when they see it. They are quality, hard working, good people whose values go hand in hand with Shaklee values.
If I were to describe the people I work with, (whether they are in my group, at the home office, or simply a fellow Shaklee distributor) they would fit this description . .  to read more about Skaklee click here

I was sent out a Cinch Starter Kit to review. I have to say help maintaining your weight is a good start. What I got in my kit were 2 shaklee shakes vanilla & chocolate which I have not tried yet. I am not into shakes really, but will definitely try out these ones. They look really healthy.  2 Meal in a Bar 2 flavors Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip & Blueberry Almond Crisp. Last but not least 3 small snack bars Peanut butter crunch bar, Lemon Cranberry bar & Chocolate Decadence Bar.  I have to say that I love this idea for a "meal in a bar" that way you can manage what you eat & you can have it for lunch that is what I did. I am a big fan of anything with peanut butter so it tasted really good to me. I also did love the Snack Bar Peanut butter crunch bar, can you say yummy!

If you want to loose weight Shaklee is the best way to go.  Come on over & Join Shaklee now (here) they have some good deals to Join. 

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  1. it's looking yummy
    i wana eat now