Sunday, July 22, 2012

City Grips

City Grips was born purely out of necessity. It all began one hot summer day when it became unbearable to push the stroller barehanded. Grossed out by the sticky germ infested grip came the idea for a grip cover that was soft, durable, washable and read more about City Grips click here

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I was sent a pair of City Grips to review. I gave the pair to my friend she just had a baby boy, so I think this is a great idea for your stroller. I was told by her that the grips are really comfy when she is walking the baby on walks. She was telling me how incredibly soft they were and has a good grip to them. These also keep away all the germs, so it's a big plus. I wish I would of known about these city grips when my son was born in 2007.

  • Protect your hands, keeping them clean & comfy.
  • Defend against dirt, sweat and grime buildup.
  • Prevent passing germs to your child.
  • Towel grip covers absorb sweat.
  • Keep it simple with easy zip-on, zip-off & machine-wash.
  • Protect your handlebar grips from wear & tear.
  • Customize your stroller with stylish patterns.
  • Find your stroller in a crowd
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