Monday, July 2, 2012

Kyjen - Ball in Ball

Back in the days before we had kids – the dogs were our kids – and we were a wholesale distributor of pet supplies in Southern California.  Little did we know that our immersion into the pet business was helping us to build the foundation for our read more about The Kyjen Company click here

 For my review I chose the Ball in Ball for a review. This ball is a great play toy for dogs. I had picked this out for my poppops dog "sammy" she's a female dog, but sure acts like a male dog for sure. First thing I thought of when I was picking this toy out I was thinking Sammy is going to LOVE this toy because she loves tennis balls & she loves to play catch with them, not only this would of been a challenge for Sammy to get the ball out of this other big ball it has 2 holes one on the top & one on the bottom pictured below .....

I know it looks like 2 different colors but it's not it's just the way my camera took it. Anyways I thought this was super cool the way this Ball in Ball product is. So the dogs can just sit there and chew on this til they can finally get this tennis ball out, lol. funny. Here are some pictures below of "Sammy" playing with this toy.

 At first she didn't know what it was until we were playing around with it than I finally tried to show her the tennis ball inside the other big ball. She sorta got the idea of it & was anxious to get it out!

 She's very overprotected with her "ball in ball" toy you can see how she has one paw over it, too cute.. LOL & yet so funny!!!

Overall Sammy loved this toy & I am super happy she liked it, because she plays with this toy all the time now.

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  2. Awww this seems like a great idea for puppies! Sammy is adorable!

  3. nice post.