Thursday, August 9, 2012

Enstrom Candies

The history of this confectionery family dates back to 1919, when Chester K. “Chet” Enstrom got his start in the candy business.  At 17 years of age, Chet went to work in the ice cream factory at Barthel’s Confectionery in Colorado Springs.  Often, when his shift ended, he would help out across the street in the adjacent candy factory, and he quietly began learning the candy-maker’s art . . . . to read more about Enstrom click here

 For my review I was sent a lovely package of Enstrom Almond Toffee Candy for review. I was never really a fan of Toffee, but as I grew older I am a big fan, but can't constantly eat it just take some little by little or else I'll get a stomach ache. Oh & did I mention that my mom is a big fan of Toffee she loves it so much. It's funny because she doesn't actually like coffee, but likes "toffee" sorta funny. 

 I was really excited to try these Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee candies that I had gotten to review. I was really glad that I got "milk chocolate" instead of "dark chocolate" I am a milk chocolate fan all the way. This Almond Toffee is crafted from a perfect blend...fresh California almonds, sweet cream butter & pure cane sugar covered in a generous layer of rich chocolate & sprinkled with crushed almonds. What more could you ask for! I enjoyed every bit & still have more to this day it's stored in the fridge so if I want a savory snack to munch on I can simply pull it out of the fridge and have some :)

Not only do they have Almond Toffee they have other delicious candies on their website I came across the Cream Caramels oh they look so delicious & yummy. I can taste them right now, what girl doesn't love chocolate?

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