Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reviva Makeup Premier

For over 38 Years Reviva Labs has been producing all natural skin-care products that help leave your skin healthier and more youthful-looking. Reviva Labs products are sold in professional skin care salons and health food stores worldwide, which attests to our product's effectiveness and safety.
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I had received this in the mail for my review. It's a Makeup Primer. I really like this makeup primer. I tend to have oily skin sometimes plus with the little bit of acne I have this primer helps to control the oil & doesn't make me break out all the time which is a bonus to me. This also smooths out my skin & gives it a nice & shiny look. My makeup stays on all day with this primer and I use liquid foundation. I also love that this product is all natural and the ingredients helps the skin to stay healthy & wrinkle free. 

Over moisturizer or directly on clean skin, apply just a drop on forehead, each cheek and above jawline. Massage in lightly over entire face. Allow product to absorb. Then apply makeup. You'll love the smooth, vevelty feel and look. Men, of course, can use it directly on skin.

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