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Samsill Corporation is one of the world’s largest independently owned manufacturers of business accessories, laptop cases, media storage, ring binders and sheet protectors. With corporate offices and manufacturing facilities in Fort Worth, TX, Samsill has grown from a small family business to an international . . to read more about Samsill click here

For my first choice I chose a Laptop Case Backpack for my 13 yr old brother. He doesn't really have anything to hold his Laptop so I thought this would be the perfect solution. He fits his laptop in the backpack & it fits perfectly in their as you can see the arrow pointing to the laptop. He could always use this for when he goes into college as well. They have a lot of different compartments to this backpack. He really likes it.

 For my second choice I choose the Zipper Portfolio to review. Also for my brother this is a professional business collection. I simply want to get my brother ready for the college world, so I got him a few things to start off with which he will thank me later on. There is also a pocket for his laptop as well & to hold important documents such as papers/files. It also comes along with a shoulder strap to carry with. All the important compartments as well such as card pockets for your business cards & pen holders. Comes with a writing pad as well. Very well organized portfolio.

 Last but not least I choose the Business Card File. Now I have a lot of cards for myself so I wanted to get this for myself. I'm not in business or nothing, but wanted a business card holder for all my credit cards, and store cards, etc. You get the idea. Cause my wallet I'm sick of everything being bulky & now I have everything to store my cards in this awesome card file book :)

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