Thursday, August 9, 2012

Somersault Snack Co.

Somersaults are the result of our quest to create healthy, tasty snacks for people who want more than just empty nutrition. What followed was a philosophy and lifestyle that adds joy and delicious goodness to your everyday read more about Somersault Snack Co. click here

I was sent some sampling of Somersault Snack Co. to review. I wasn't to thrilled about them at first but the one flavor I really enjoyed is the Salty Pepper. They were really good the others I really don't care for, but don't hold it against me because many other people may have different taste buds than me.  My husband really enjoyed the dutch cocoa it really tasted like a chocolate me my mom & sister both tried it we didn't like it so much. The Santa Fe Salsa they were a bit spicy but they were okay, not a fan either. My sister Abby even took the little samples to the gym with her she does gymnastics to share with all her friends at the gym. They were a big hit.

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