Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Charm Strandz

At CharmStrandz boys & girls of all ages can create their own accessories & celebrate in style. These CharmStrandz are fun & cool also very affordable. All you do is choose an accessory & pick your favorite charms & clilp'em on whether you want a headband, bracelets, ponytail holders, earrings, barrettes, charm hair extensions, zipper bracelets, etc you'll have fun with these. 

 For my review I picked out the Ponytail Holders for my sister Abby & I picked out 4 charms to go with her ponytail they were:

Ponytail Holder, it already has some charms on it so it was really cute & my sister Abby loved that she got the color Pink.

Blue Dog Charm
Abby loves her 2 dogs she has so I figured I would get her a blue one she loves the color blue.
Blue Ice Charm
Summer time she is always eating Ice Pops it's one of her favorites.
Pink Flipflop Charm
Abby is always wearing flip flops.
1st Place Charm
I got her the #1 Sport Charm because my sister is in Gymnastics & she is a really hard worker at it & it's her passion also she gets some first place trophies as well as second she's a star.

For my son Nicholas I got him Zipper Pulls, so he can wear it on his backpack it holds up to 5 charms. He really loved the charms that I picked out for him which were the following:

Green Dinosaur Charm

 My son loves dinosaurs he just got into them like a year ago.

Police Car Charm

 I chose the Police Car every time a police car goes by he always yells in excitement he says he wants to be a police officer when he grows up.

Slice of Pizza Charm

 Pizza is one of my son's favorite foods.

Baseball Charm
Baseball is Nick's favorite sport he recently played baseball this past year & I am going to sign him up this year as well. He loves to play outside hitting the ball with friends.

Spiky NEON Letter N
 Got him a spiky neon letter N for Nicholas :)

It's very easy to put on the Zipper Pull all you do is clip it on it will be open a little than you clamp it shut with 2 fingers & wa la it's on :)

You could even take them off & clip them to your shoe laces that would be so awesome. I love Charm Strandz there so cool in many ways & my son is enjoying is Zipper Pull he thinks it's so awesome & he takes his book bag to school everyday & shows his playmates his Zipper Pull.

A closer look what it looks like on his back pack.

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